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Nov 21, 2020
Hello Everyone,
I am going to conduct my very first tourney and this ones kinda different.

-Slakings, Rhyperiors and Snorelax are allowed but you can have only one of the three on your team.
-Psuedos are also allowed but only 1 per team.
- Mega Evolutions are allowed (Mega Pseudos are not allowed...)
- 150 moves will be allowed ( except giga impact, sky attack, fake out and status moves)
- Bird trio are allowed😎😋
- No other leggies will be allowed.
- Box pokemons like Gardevoir and Gallade will be allowed(dm for further information on allowed box pokes)
- This will be the Level 100 catgeory to all the players who have 100s and cant use them for tourney, this will be a change.
Further categories will be released along with the prizes. Tourney is only in April or June just informing everyone so they can start preparations.
Registraions and all information will be informed by end of the month.
Winner becomes the best trainer/champion of rise.
Dec 30, 2020
good, garou, for the 1-mega-per-team, cuz I USED to have a mega scizor but i traded it for an oshawott and if im ever gonna join, i'll use my non-pseudo mega venusaur


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Mar 20, 2021
I was under the impression that most level 100 tourneys allowed literally everything, and rather 50 & 30 tourneys placed restrictions on pokes
but... idk
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