Closed Dolphins Guild Tourney IV: Singularity

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May 17, 2018
Dolphins Guild Tourney IV: Singularity

🐬Welcome fellow Pods, we are excited to announce our fourth guild tournament.🐬

Rules And Regulations
* You have to register 8 level 50 pokemon, used in battle.
*They all have to have one shared type ("monotype").
*Duo-types are allowed, as long as one typing is part of the monotype.
* No duplicate Pokemon allowed ( Alolan forms are allowed).
*No legendaries, pseudo legendaries, and their evolution line, or mega evolution, ultra beast, and only Pokemon available in wild to be registered (i.e. includes safari).
* There should be no held item.
* Snorlax, Rhyperior, and Slaking banned.
* Moves 140+ moves banned.
*Hax moves also banned ( Nuzzle, False Swipe, Fake out ) and status moves also (Confuse Ray, Will O Wisp, Thunder wave, Sleep powder, etc) banned.

* Battle will happen in presence of guild leader or officers.
* It will be 6 pokes 1 v 1 tourney
* Last man standing.
*Immune typing will have tiebreaker.

* Only Dolphins Members can participate, whoever is in the guild before announcement can participate.
*DM Officers and Guild Leader your team/type (ign: @Groot, @Fear_Origami_Kartana, @kataall, @BubbaWosk).

* Register your poke before 20 January
* Official Tournament Date: 29-30 January

Prizes TBD
*1st place gets shiny ursa (op poke)

We are looking forward to seeing you all participate! Good luck!
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