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Oct 11, 2018
howdy pokemon rise, i'm kageyoshi and i'll be your guide on Ev training. let's get to it.
What Is Ev Training?
Ev training is the though process Of Giving Additional Strength to your pokemon, EV stand for effort value, Which are Values That YOU give your pokemon independently of IVS. Many pokemons may share the same EVS Requirements Although many will also require different EVS spread, For Example you want to max Out SPeed and ATk on a Fast Physical Attacker, Like staraptor for example! While on a Slow Physical Attack you'D replace speed with HP. The Max possibly Effort Value on a Single STAT is 252, The Max *TOTAL* EV on a pokemon Is 510. which would result in 252 in two stats as well as 6 points in Another stat
EV training has nothing to do with training a bunch of Eevee, but it instead describes the process of training up your Pokémon’s stats to optimize them for competitive battling.
Imagine your Pokémon’s stats. There’s HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each of these stats also has a special, invisible number that is referred to by the Pokémon community as Effort Values Ever Since Its Addition in gen 3.
Think of Effort Values — EVs — like Experience Points. Your Pokémon gain them when they fight against other Pokémon, whether it’s a wild battle or a Trainer battle. If it’s a battle where you’d normally gain Experience Points, it’s a battle you’ll gain Effort values from — so fights against other players or in facilities like the Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, etc. do not earn EVs.
The amount of EVs you earn from each battle depends on the Pokémon you knock out — Pokémon can give anywhere from 1–3 EVs total, and some may give EVs to multiple stats. A speedy Pokémon like Zigzagoon, for instance, gives 1 Speed EV for each one you knock out. Its evolution, Linoone, gives 2 Speed EVs. A Pokémon like Masquerain gives 1 Special Attack EV and 1 Special Defense EV. Again, think of these like Experience Points, except you gain them for each of the six stats.
in rise it is no different, You faint a particular pokemon to gain particular EVS. it isn't as complex as it seem ^^
In pokemon rise the pokemon that fainted another pokemon Gain the EV that this particular pokemon would give, if a Starly were to faint a swinub, the starly would get 1 Atk Point. While if it were to faint a Alolan Vulpix, it would get 1 Speed point. an easy way to put this would be ''Faint this to gain this''
Why Should I EV Train?
So you’ve now learned that Pokémon gain EVs after fighting against Pokémon and that there are EVs for each of the six stats, but what do these EVs actually do?
Effort Values raise your Pokémon’s stats. The amount that it raises a given stat by is based on your Pokémon’s level, but for a level 100 Pokémon, it will receive +1 point in a stat for every 4 EVs it has in that stat, rounded down. Just to be clear, since this misconception comes up a lot: that doesn’t mean as soon as your Pokémon reaches level 100 it gains all of those extra points at once — the gains from Effort Values affect a Pokémon’s stats at every single level, proportionately.
t’s also important to remind you that… You don’t NEED to EV Train to HAVE FUN! If all of this goes completely over your head, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the Pokémon games as a whole, because you can still do so just as you always have. EV Training is geared towards players who want to step up their game and take their gameplay to the next level.
NOTE: that in rise, EV training take effect imediatly, no matter the level.
How To Ev Train?
in order to properly EV Train, you should first plan out your EV Spread for the Pokémon you’re trying to train. You have 510 points to work with, so determining how to distribute them — the EV Spread — should be your first priority before starting.
If you’re new to EV Training, you’ll probably find the most benefit from sticking to simple 252/252/6 spreads — that means 252 EVs in one stat, 252 in another, and then 6 in the final stat, which is usually HP.
Some good starter 252/252/6 spreads are:
  • 252 Attack 252 Hp
  • 252 Special Attack 252 hp
  • 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP for Physical-based “sweepers” such as Garchomp.
  • 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP for Special-based “sweepers” such as Gengar.
  • 252 HP / 252 Defense / 6 Speed or Special Defense for Physical “walls” like Forretress. (Realistically, this is probably overkill and you should devote some HP or Defense to Attack.)
  • 252 HP / 252 Special Defense / 6 Speed or Defense for Special “walls” like Umbreon. (Again, this is just an example, not necessarily ideal.)
  • 252 Atk 128 Def /128 Sp def 128 HP
  • 252 sp atk 128 def / 128 sp def 128 hp
Those are only A few Of the MULTIPLES ways to ev train a pokemon. You can alway get creative.

As you learn more about EV Training and the dynamics of your competitive team, you’ll experiment with more varied spreads, but these four examples should give you an introduction to how EV Spreads work.
Once you’ve determined which EV Spread you want to use for your Pokémon, you need to figure out which Pokémon you can repeatedly fight give you only the EVs you need. It’s easiest to focus on one stat at a time while EV Training, although as you get more advanced in your knowledge of EV Training, you might be able to figure out ways to train up the stats you need in a more optimal manner.
A very important part about EV Training is knowing the best spots to train, since you need to fight only Pokémon that give you the EVs you want to train. Every game will have different spots that work well and optimal methods
Which Pokemon Should I Train On?
As Listed Earlier in this guide, There's Bulky pokemons Physical sweeper Special Sweepers And more. (If you haven't read that part of the Guide i reccomend you do it right away) Here a List Of Pokemons That Give Different Stats, Find Tiles That Has these pokemons To start ev training, Let's get To it.

Due to Map change coordinates are removed until the pokemon rise guide team (which im apart of) discover all the coordinates.
Rise Difference.

Rise is different in many ways, Even Ev Training Has a few Slight differences, in pokemon rise, ev training take effect imediatly, regardless of weither you level up or not.
now that you know a bit about what ev training do and how to do it,Ev training is a amazing way of strengthening your pokemons up and overall Should be used if you wish on playing competitive, Anyway! I hope you now have a idea of what to do and where to go, i've said it once and i repeat it Ev training is NOT required to have fun or play the game, but if you wish on ev training to step your team up to the next level, this guide is for you. I hope all of you enjoyed this guide, Have fun and train well! -kageyoshi
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