Waiting for Players Find out claim prize

Feb 12, 2021
Hello guys. I am thinking to make a contest and its a special contest.
Since our snorunt tile is now a vulpix tile ig there will be snorunt anywhere which was any other tile cuz if snorunt tile changed so any other can be now a snorunt tile cuz wynaut:D. So this contest is to find the snorunt tile. There is not a special rules for it. Find the tile and take a screenshot then post in reply says i find out then the screenshot i will check the tile is it truly a snorunt tile or any edits.(joking). And the reward is a green iv cyndaquil and green iv pignite (if its low price sry im not a rich or pro xD). If u want to join this contest reply 'im entering' then u can start searching as soon as possible u can join anytime upto it get found. As it found the contest get closed.so best of luck all;):D:).
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