FYI it's CROSS-Platform


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Sep 30, 2019
So you're far away from yo pc?
Working on the office where any site you visit is monitored or waiting for something somewhere and you feel like you're gyms about to be conquered?

Or you just miss you're adorable little poke sprites?

Well, as long as you have chrome on yo phone and atleast 50 mb of data, you can play the game ANYWHERE!!!

...... (with good reception of course)

Personally tried and tested (Refer to pics below)

I've been playing pokemon rise in school and it turns out the game doesn't need a dandy amount of data to play!!!

We had an evebt which cancelled classes and I tried to play a whole day and it only consumed 47 mb!!!

Important notes:

- Enable desktop mode on chrome for the best experience

- All aside from pokeballs are not tap-able on regular smartphones phones, means you can only grind there, though everything works perfectly fine on tablets, so yeah, Cross-Platform Yo!!!


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