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Jan 31, 2020
Galaxy Exclusive Tournament

Hey Galaxians, hope you ‘all are enjoying your time playing Pokemon rise. To utilise the latest gym updates that provide cash to guild for capturing gyms, we the staff of galaxy have decided to organise different sets of battle tournaments to distribute the money earned by the guild to the participants.

As our motto clearly states "a free guild for all" we have framed the rules in way that even the new players can participate in it and have a chance at going the distance!

So, we present to you,​


  • This is a capped tournament at level 30 and a player can use only 3 Pokemon.
  • There would be set of rounds depending on the number of participants and winning each round will provide you with an increasing reward in the form of in game cash (i.e. poke-dollars)

  • The participant must be a member of the guild Galaxy before this announcement on the forums and/or discord server.
  • The participant must register by writing there IGN (in game name) before the deadline i.e. 11:59 PM, 30th April 2020. The time is according to IST (Indian Standard Time)



  • All 3 Pokemon must be different
  • None of the Pokemon must be Pre-evolved i.e. some Pokemon which evolves at a level higher than 30 and the owner has it on level 30.
  • No legendaries, pseudo-legendaries & their evolutionary lines, or mega evolutions, ultra-beasts.
  • Level 30 means 3rd stage evolutions are banned.
  • No box only Pokemon. The Pokémon must be available in the wild.
  • There must be no held items

  • Any moves with a power of above 100 is banned
  • Use of moves which solely affect the opponent’s status (confusion, sleep, paralysis, poisoned, burnt or frozen) are banned such as confuse ray, will-o-wasp, thunder wave, etc.
  • Fake out, false swipe are banned.

  • All the battles must take place in the presence of one of the 5 officers of Galaxy who shall also oversee the match and tournament as referee.
  • The participants must submit their team prior to the start of the tournament and must use the same team throughout the tournament.
  • The order of Pokemon to be used must be informed to the referee prior to the start of the match.
  • No switching of Pokemon is allowed during a match so if the participant bring out one Pokémon for battle it shall be used until it faints before moving to their next Pokemon.
  • The participant with last Pokemon standing wins the match.
  • During the time of a battle the participant must not have any other Pokemon in their team other than those part of their team
  • In a case such that the Pokemon wins a match and is poisoned or burnt after it's opponent is down, it's owner can put it inside of the poke ball till the opponent brings out their next Pokemon to use.


Registrations so far:
  1. Omkumar
  2. Kataall
  3. dudeofdudes
  4. Moesekaung
  5. Bjas
  6. Vraknoch
  7. Wolvi
  8. Babatunde

    Submit your team details to either cRaZz or chaitugss before 3 am IST 9 May 2020.

    Here is the prize distribution we have giving in this Tourney:-
    Winner takes away 400K
    1st runner up wins 200K
    3rd and 4th runner up gets away with 100K each
    Remaining participants takeaway is 50K each
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Feb 28, 2020
Funny how 3rd stage evo's are banned but Azumarill is a 3rd stage that evolves from marill at lvl 18 😐. Also, Seedot and Lotad both evo at level 14 and then with an evo stone so those are 2 others lol.
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Oct 27, 2019
see if you had your own guild you don't need to fight your clubmates for your hard-worked gym money
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