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Do you like XP blocker being added in this game?

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Jan 30, 2020
Hey guys its me Glitch2005,
So I have been thinking about suggesting xp blocker being added to the game because it is very useful for people who doesn't want to make their pokemon level 100 but have it in an certain level but it kills wild pokemons but does not gain xp. This would be useful for people to bring out their favourite pokemon they got to make it level 50 and they want the same amazing iv pokemon to make level 100 but they think i should keep it at level 50 for tourneys and not take it out since if it kills pokemon in wild and gains exp it will become higher level which will not be used for tourneys again so this xp blocker idea would be useful for many people. This can be an secondary held item in a box next to the primary holding item spot or can be kept in the primary holding item spot. When an pokemon is holding this in the primary slot it cannot equip any other item until its unequipped. The xp blocker holding pokemon might be difficult to spot in an messed up storage or lots of pokemons with same names so the pokemon with xp blocker can have a small coloured dot at their picture in the storage in the corner so it would be easily recognizable. Xp blocker can be added in pokemarts for the price of 50-75k. Xp blocker can also be added as a frequent reward to the lootballs if adding in mart is not good. Lemme know how much of you like this theory and Brad let me know if this is possible to be added. Thanks

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