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Mar 4, 2020
start island
start island is the first location after creating account. prof will give you poke balls. to go out of start island you need to do prof quest (catching 2 pokemons). if you will use all pokeballs or your pokemons needs healing talk to prof. To catch pokemon click on the bag icon and select pokeball then click on the pokemon. if pokemon have sparkle effect then you should catch it even if it is rattata. pokemons with sparkle effect are shiny pokemons. shiny pokemon is rare form of pokemon and it have different color than non shiny pokemon.

to open radar click one the radar icon on the left-down part of screen. radar shows what pokemons are area but it only shows pokemons that you have in your pokedex. radar can not work sometimes for example in event island it shows wrong information.

in instructions in game you can read about how to send out pokemons. choose only dealing damage moves and moves that do not have guaranteed accuracy. a lot moves are not working in pokemon rise and moves with guaranteed accuracy will always miss.

pokemons evolves like in official games except some evolutions. some evolutions (learn - move evolution, happiness in night evolution) are not working in pokemon rise.

pokemon rarites
bulbasaur evolution line:rare
charmander evolution line:uncommon
squirtle evolution line: rare
caterpie evolution line:common
weedle evolution line: common
pidgey evolution line:common
rattata evolution line: common
spearow evolution line:uncommon
ekans evolution line: common
pikachu evolution line: common
sandshrew evolution line: common
nidoran evolution lines:common
clefairy evolution line: reward from quest
vulpix evolution line : common
jigglypuff evolution line: uncommon
zubat evolution line: uncommon
oddish evolution line: uncommon
paras evolution line: uncommon
venonat evolution line: uncommon
diglett evolution line: uncommon
meowth evolution line: common
psyduck evolution line: uncommon
mankey evolution line: uncommon
growlithe evolution line: common
poliwag evolution line except politoed: uncommon
abra evolution line: uncommon
machop evolution line: reward from quest
bellsprout evolution line: uncommon
tentacool evolution line: uncommon
geodude evolution line:common
ponyta evolution line: uncommon
slowpoke evolution line: uncommon
magnemite evolution line: common
farfetchd evolution line: uncommon
doduo evolution line: common
seel evolution line: uncommon
grimer evolution line: common
shellder evolution line: uncommon
gastly evolution line: common
onix evolution line: uncommon
drowzee evolution line: uncommon
krabby evolution line: uncommon
voltorb evolution line: common
exeggcute evolution line: uncommon
cubone evolution line: uncommon
hitmonlee: uncommon
hitmonchan: box only
lickitung: uncommon
koffing evolution line: uncommon
rhyhorn evolution line: common
chansey evolution line: uncommon
tangela: uncommon
kangaskhan: uncommon
horsea evolution line: uncommon
goldeen evolution line: uncommon
staryu evolution line: uncommon
mr. mime: box only
scyther evolution line: uncommon
jynx evolution line: common
electabuzz evolution line: common
magmar evolution line:uncommon
pinsir: uncommon
tauros: uncommon
magikarp evolution line: common
lapras: uncommon
ditto: rare
eevee evolution line: rare
porygon evolution line: rare
omanyte evolution line: rare
kabuto evolution line: rare
this part of guide is not finished yet. it will be finished
small informations: use to go next town. read rules and do not break them to not be banned, if you will get banned make ban appeal in forums, all legendaries except regi legendaries and cloud legendaries are box only.

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Apr 25, 2020
The paragraph structure is a bit off, with a few typos and punctuation errors
Also most kids need it to be dumbed down a bit more than that but its a good start.
How to catch pokes
click on the red and blue bag icon in the top Right, click the ball category click on a ball then click on the Pokémon you want to catch

also always put "subject to change" at the bottom, allowing others to know it could change lol
hope you find this helpful


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Nov 19, 2018
how are you gonna take into account the fact that rarity is not necessarily fixed from one tile to another? that sections looks like opinion to me :/
could also be confusing for other players having it listed as "____'s evolution line" since evolved poke don't appear wild
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Jun 29, 2020
Ye like Mike said the rarity is not fixed for example koffing as u said is uncommon in some tiles but iv seen a tile filled with them and houndooms.
Instead of saying uncommon maybe say uncommon to rare or common to uncommon
A good initiative
Mar 4, 2020
i know that some pokemons in some tiles are uncommon and in other commons. in my guide there are only rarity that a lot tiles have. when in pokemon rise will be map regen i will update my guide.
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