guide from a experinced player (for new players)

Oct 24, 2020
this guide will only be helpful to new players so veterans please get outta here dont have to have your pokemon out all the time when exploring there are actually pokemon who dont attack you then there are agrresive ones for example silicobra and rattata are aggresive togedemaru isnt aggresive

2.ALWAYS make sure the person your trading with is scamming you through asking mods or looking at there card

3. never go to safari until you have a pokemon (or two) whos level is higher then 40 (false swipe is neccasary if you wanna catch safari mons)
bc pokemon in the safari can range from level 5-40 (i think)

4.this one has helped me so much *ahem* ALWAYS check the pokemons ivs and what ivs they use through the website called pokemon.db
or pokemon database(they are the same thing) this will show you what level they evolve the pokemons base stats and even what tms work on em

5. moves that cause confusion on your pokemon will dmg them no matter what so be prepared if you use outrage

6. the type matchups here work different for example if a plain normal type and a plain ghost type attack each other.. they wont do dmg at all even if the ghost type wasnt using a ghost type move or if the normal type wasnt using a normal or fighting type attack

7. i will be making a alt account bc i am perma banned but i will actually help players when mods are not on (bc a lotta of em like to dissapear in the afternoon)
and i willl help guide certain players from breaking the rules for example one i see being broke often(and mods not doing jack about) is posting #trades in global twice about the same trade or saying #trades then the pokemon your trading its in the rules (suprising how many people dont read the rules)
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