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Nov 22, 2018
Hello Everyone,

For those of you interested in helping Brad with maps but are not sure how to start off, here's a simple guide to try and make you understand about how to create maps

Tiled Software Link:

Step 1: Creating a New Map

Click on File --> New --> New Map

Note: Ensure the following Orientation, Tile Layer Format, Tile Render Order, Tile Width and Tile Height are selected. Map size can vary as per your requirement but the remaining settings must be same as below


Step 2: Importing Tileset

Important: Please use only one tileset per map

You can import tileset be clicking on File --> New --> New Tileset
( or)
By clicking on "New Tileset" option in the "Tileset" windown at the right bottom


Import the following tileset based on requirement (download the attachment: Rise

Rise Outdoor.png --> If you creating an outdoor map, for example a town.
Safari.png --> If you intend to create a forest similar to the safari zones that we currently have

Make sure the settings are as under. It is important to ensure the "Tile Width" and "Tile Height" are set to 32px each and also "Embed in Map" must be checked


Once imported, tileset will be displayed as under divided into smaller tiles

Step 3: Adding Layers

Rename the "Tile Layer 1" to "Base" or delete it and add a new layer named "Base"

Add the following layers by clicking on the "New Layer" icon and select
"Tile Layer" for Base, Decoration Under, Decoration Over, Collision, Above and Night.
"Object Layer" for warp and grass

The naming convention and the order must be as shown below.


Now the setup is complete and we can get started with making maps.

But before that, let me give a brief description of each of the layers that we will work upon:

This is the base layer. A player can walk on these layers as well.

Decoration Under:
This layer can be used in case of decorations. It provides an additional layer between the Base and the Walkable layer so that you can stack more than one transparent tile that the player needs to walk over.

Decoration Over:
The paths or areas where players can walk come in these

Obstacles like trees, bottom parts of buildings are placed in this layer. The players can't pass through these objects

Tree tops, building tops are added in this layer. The players pass from behind these

grass (object):
This is the last thing we work up. This layer to select where the pokemon should spawn

We do not work on Night and warp layers. Hence I haven't described them here.


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