Guide to not fail miserably capping gyms

Dec 7, 2019
I see many people fighting over gyms, to make this short, that no good. Here's the plan, unless the guild update I made doesn't get vetoed by Brad, it's the guy that holds the gym's responsibility to tell people that their gym has not reached the time yet and that they won't earn anything. Now you might be asking "why would i care if they dont earn anything", well, if u dont care, they dont have to care if u earn anything, so they can legit just cap right back, neither one of u wins. Ez solution to this is basically a game-wide treaty, it might take long to wait, but something is better than nothing. K, have fun peeps.
Oct 8, 2020
What if A dude legit catches every gym other people need to wait? What if the person gets the gym but then still caps it
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