Guide to Rise's PvP System

Jun 10, 2018
Mawile Land
Rise's PvP System:

This guide will introduce you to the PvP system of Pokemon Rise. It is very different from normal Pokemon games.

To make it simple, there are mainly only two decisive factors in a Pokemon battle on Rise, affecting your selection of your team and their moves.

1. The corresponding type match-up for the Pokemons' primary type and secondary type.

2. The power and accuracy of the move you're using (including STAB).

For 1.
Here, let's use the Pokemon Weavile, whose primary type is Dark with its secondary type as Ice, along with the Pokemon Charizard, whose primary type is Fire with its secondary type as Flying, for example.
In normal Pokemon games, what mainly matters is the coverage of the move your Pokemon is using. eg. Even if a Weavile uses the Water type move Hydro Pump on Charizard (just an example, Weavile can't use Hydro Pump), the move is super effective, because Charizard has a Fire type and is weak to Water.
And in normal Pokemon games, when a Weavile is against a Charizard, it's most likely that Charizard will win, because one of Charizard's types is Fire and a Fire type move will be super effective on Weavile.

But on rise, you see the Pokemon's primary type and secondary type separately and correspondingly.

With Weavile and Charizard's types listed above, it's easy to see that for their primary types, which is Dark for Weavile and Fire for Charizard, these two types have no type advantage against each other. So it is a draw. BUT for their secondary types, which is Ice for Weavile and Flying for Charizard, it's easy to see that Ice type is super effective against Flying. So for this type matchup, Weavile has an advantage over Charizard.
So in conclusion for this Weavile VS Charizard battle on Rise, because the primary type match-up is a draw, and Weavile has an advantage for the secondary type match-up, Weavile will most likely win this battle.

For 2.
On rise, STAB and move accuracy exists, along with some moves' chances for adding special effects (eg. Ice beam still has 10% chance to freeze the target). But some moves are also different from their normal rules / effects, for example, the user doesn't have to recharge on the next turn after using Hyper Beam, and some moves which don't deal direct damage like Stealth Rock or Transform don't work on Rise. Also moves which usually deals damage to the user like Brave Bird doesn't deal any self damage. It is suggested that you test out the moves your Pokemon will use before a battle starts.

And once again, keep in mind that move type coverage is useless (except for STAB), only the corresponding type match-up of your Pokemon itself matters.

If a Pokemon's two corresponding types are both super effective against the target, it combines for 4x damage. If one type is strong and one type is resisted, they cancel out for normal damage.

First Turn Move Order:
In a battle, whether your Pokemon moves first or your opponent on the first turn is based on rng. You have 50% chance to move first, the first turn doesn't depend on speed stats.

!! Special thanks to Mike and Nola for double checking this guide, adding content which i omitted and correcting its errors ❤️
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