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Nov 22, 2018
[Note: The following information is not 100% accurate. The pokemap website has been replaced with the similar in-game map. Click the compass icon at the top right of your game screen to open it.]

This forum thread provides a brief about the using the map link to reach the towns or tiles you wish to reach
Link to map:

Click on instructions to understand the color coding


Pink - Towns; Brown - Rock/Fossil; Blue - Water; Sky Blue - Ice;
Dark Green - Grass; Light Green - Floral; Red - Lava/Fire; Purple - Ghost/Graveyards

Grey - Fields (Fields have caves that can help u travel long distances in short times)
Yellow - Electric (currently no separate electric areas. You can find electric pokemon in fire or fossil tiles)

The triple black lines represent the exits from that particular tile.

In the below snippet, you can observe the 0,0 has exits at the top, right and bottom. You can only leave this tile from any of these three exits, meaning, you cannot exit from left to reach -1,0 if you wanted to.

The coordinates of your current location are shown at the right top of your screen.

Suppose I would like to reach next town
  • Check your current area
  • Search for the nearest pink tile in the map link
We have towns 1,2 -1,4 and 5,6 near to hometown 0,0 in the below snippet

In order to reach 1,2, i will use the exits from hometown to determine the path
  • As you can observe in the below snippet, there are more than one ways of reaching a town
  • Here i've highlighted two ways to reach 1,2 from 0,0
  • Route 1: 0,0 --> 0,1 --> 0,2 -->1,2
  • Route 2: 0,0 --> 1,0 --> 1,1 --> 2,1 --> 2,2 --> 1,2
Likeways, you can figure out more paths to reach your destination from you current location.


Note: Clicking on any box highlights it in gold color in order to make it easy for you to construct a path to your desired destination.

Hope you've understood how to interpret the maps and can now easily travel to different tiles, towns etc.
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May 11, 2021
excuseme but the route to-6,-2 i got confused in middle is there a problem may be it may create in future also Screenshot (1493)_LI.jpg pls see to it thanks for friendly cooperation to al admins in this game
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