Item Drops


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Jan 1, 2020
The new suggestion is "Item Drops":

These are events where an item of the staff's choice can be chosen to be placed anywhere on the map similar to spawns, but only one person can get that item. For example, a mega stone, reroll, gold or a rare candy is dropped at x,y coordinates, and the first person to reach it gets it. reasons for this being implemented are:

1. More activity outside of hometown that keeps the players running around the map.
2. More motivation for moving outside of hometown to avoid crowding of space.
3. More fun to bring into the game as competition against other players.

You would think "oh it's just gonna be the pros getting it just like old spawns". But as one said "every expert started as a beginner" if newer people put some practicing into running and put some effort into exploring new towns, they could find themselves getting a few items that could be very helpful for them who knows. That's my suggestion for Item Drops.
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