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Oct 1, 2019
Hello and Welcome My name is Arulk4! This tournament is a level 30 or under, and 6 Pokemon battle! Here are the rules!
Slaking Is Banned and it entire evolution family (for obvious reasons)
Legendaries Are All Banned.
Friendship evolutions = banned
No pseudos
Restricted Moves
Focus Punch
The Starters Ultimate Moves (EX: hydro cannon)
Giga impact
Hyper beam
Rock Wrecker
Fake Out
Any Moves Who's base power is over 130
Status moves
Confusion-inducing moves
Flinching moves
false swipe
Additional Rules
  • Box, shinies And such are allowed as long as they follow the restrictions given to them.
  • 6 Pokemon's IS recommended although if the trainer chosen has less than 6, The battles will be re-arranged to be ''Fair''
  • The Tournament Will happen on 5/17/20, 2:30 pm PDT time but MIGHT Be Moved Further If Needed, I will update you guys if the time changes.
  • Mods And Admins Are Allowed to participate although they must follow the same restrictions as anyone else.
  • Duo of the exact same species aren't allowed (which mean you cannot have two of the same Pokemon's..)
  • Finally No mega evolutions, we don't want a mess of op lucario's or something.
  • Any Pokemon even 1 level higher then 30 will cause disqualification
  • No rare candy use or it will cause disqualification.
Finally, the thing you have all been waiting for..... The Prizes!
The prizes are... a level 18 Baltoy with 87.63% ivs, a level 100 Ivysaur with 55.91% ivs, Pinsirite, 58.60% iv Monferno level 31.
First place gets to pick 2 from the 3, Second get to pick 1 from the remaining 2, and Third will get the last one.
Comment below if your in! ^_^

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are alolan foorm and regular forms aloud together or does that count as the same speices
May 13, 2020
My pokemon r strong enough
i have lv 38 greninja, lv 28 lycanroc, lv 29 pichu, lv 30 crawdaunt, lv 18 shroomish, and level 22 pidgeotto
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