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Dec 27, 2018
Hi everyone, hope u guys are doing well and are on your way to become the best trainers ever.
I'm gonna organise a level 50's tournament.
Details are given below.

General Rules:-
1) Only level 50 pokes will be allowed
2) No legendaries
3) No psuedo legendaries
4) No ultrabeasts
5) No irregularly levelled pokemon will be allowed, for example (level 50 volcarona, level 50 bisharp etc.)
6) Slaking, Rhyperior, Snorlax not allowed
7) Fake out move not allowed
8) Pokemon can be EV trained
9) No hax moves allowed
10) Rest everything is allowed (box pokes too provided they follow the above rules)
11) Not following any of the above rules will lead to disqualification.

Battle Rules:-
1) 6v6 match
2) Which 2 contestants have to battle against each other will be randomised
3) I'll update the fixtures according to the participation
4) A contestant can switch his/her poke only after it is defeated
5) The match will go on till a contestant has exhausted all his 6 pokes
6) If any participant is absent at the time of tournament, they will be disqualified.

Prizes will be :-
a) 1st prize gets to choose 15 shinies from the list.
b) 2nd prize gets to choose 10 shinies from the list
c) 3rd prize gets to choose 5 shinies from the given list

Shinies List :-
1) Mega charizard
2) Golisopod
3) Greninja
4) Mega aerodactyl
5) Gigalith
6) Bronzong
7) Aipom
8) Butterfree
9) Spearow
10) Blitzle
11) Machamp
12) Swampert
13) Houndoom
14) Elektross
15) Venonat X2
16) Ludiculo
17) Numel
18) Braviary
19) Vanillite
20) Donphan x2
21) Patrat
22) Pyroar
23) Frosslass
24) Staraptor
25) Delibird
26) Makuhita
27) Magcargo
28) Munchlax
29) Sharpedo
30) Abra
31) Sableye
32) Simisear
33) Medicham
34) Stufful
35) Exeggutor
36) Ponyta
37) Electrike
38) Araquanid
39) Pichu
40) Sneasel
41) Milotic
42) Vivillion

***X2 means that I have two of those***

Tournament Date :-
25th April 2020

Tournament Time :-
It will start at 8am IST

Last date and time to register :-
18th April 2020, 11:59pm IST

**Anyone willing to participate should write down their in game names below and nothing else.**

*I'll keep on updating the rules of the post in case I find any kind of discrepancy

Good luck to everyone :)

P.S : I won't participate myself lol
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