Waiting for Players Marking History (Tournament)

Oct 11, 2018
hello i'm kageyoshi and i am here again to present another tournament.. This is the Marking History Tournament, so let's go into it.

What Is The ''Marking History'' Tournament?
The marking history tournament is a tournament that is about representation, what do that mean? You'il Bring A team that represent a special trainer of your choice, you can choose from Trainers who marked/iconic trainers (Like Ash, Gary, Blue, Red, dawn etc) Rivals, Champions, Elite Fours, League Champions, Anything! from brock to cynthia or anything else as long as you use pokemons that those trainers have owned And/or used. in battle atleast once. You can use manga teams, Anime teams, Game teams, Rematch Teams and PWT teams, The only Team That is banned, is norman team, since slaking is broken norman is banned, (Since norman isn't norman without slaking) other than that any team is allowed as long as they respect the restrictions.

lvl 50-55 not higner not lower.
no legendaries.
no doubles. (sorry you cant have two dragonites lance :v)
no slaking
rhyperior is allowed but must respect the restrictions (read below)
no moves whose base power is over 130.
moves like fake out false swipe and other moves that are ''unfair'' Are banned.
tactics like the 'Paraloop, Chain-Stunning Or Forcing a endless battle are also ALL banned.
Ultra Beasts Are Banned.
gen 8 trainers are allowed.
Requirements & Informations
You must choose a trainer and stick to it,
your team must be made out of pokemons that the trainer you've chosen use/own/used atleast once.
items are banned.
held items are allowed however.
lvl 50 to 55 only as mentioned in restrictions
Shinies Are all allowed ofc its just a color swap lol,
pseudo are allowed if your trainer use them.
Tournament Will Happen In 0,0 (home town) and you'Il be required to move back to HT (0,0) once the tournament is hosted.
You CANNOT switch unless one of the pokemon on the battlefield cannot hit its opponent.(Example you cant hit your opponent or your opponent cant hit you) you can switch then but only to a pokemon that isn't imune.

Prizes And Date
Prizes will be decided soon
tournament will happen on 15 of december Canadian Timezone.
note: tournament day might change.
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