Miscellaneous Evolutionary Items... and the Everstone


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Nov 25, 2020
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This guide will cover all evolutionary items not discussed in my guides over Evolutionary stones and Trade evolutions...and the Everstone
This guide will cover
The Razor Claw

The Razor Fang

The Oval Stone

. . .
The Everstone

Evolutions triggered by the Razor Claw-

(When holding a Razor Claw in the nighttime)

Evolutions triggered by the Oval Stone-

(When holding Ovalstone in the daytime)

Evolutions triggered by the Razor Fang-

(When holding Razor Fang in the nighttime)

Explanation of the Everstone
The Everstone will prevent a Pokemon from evolving while it is held. Let's say for illustration's sake that I have a level 5 Weedle that I want to make level 100. It would be very tedious to deny evolution manually from level 7-99. If I attach an Everstone to my Weedle, the evolution will be automatically blocked. Now all I need to worry about is leveling. In Main-series games a female Pokemon holding an Everstone has a higher chance of passing down her nature to her offspring in breeding. However, breeding is not currently available within Pokemon Rise. Know that the everstone will not be able to prevent stone evolutions or trade evolutions , and Trade evolutions should not be triggered as once a pokemon who can evolve by trade evolution is traded, he will evolve.
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Nov 19, 2018
note that everstones only block the level-up evolution popup.
they do not prevent trade or elemental stone evolutions.
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