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Hi everyone, guess you all enjoying the game?
Here are some suggestions I came up with, some old and some new. Please take a look and I hope a staff can kindly comment on them.

Guild owned teleportation system:
Allow members of a guild to teleport to towns, where the gym is owned by them. Of course, there will be a fee but it goes into guild bank.
Create a Reputation levelling system:
Give players a level system in which can be increased by in-game events, like earning new dex-entries, adding pokemons into gyms or catching a shiny one!
Introduces weather-like effects in the overworld:
Change the visible field of sight for players, base on in-game timing or, add visual effects like falling leaves, snowflakes in the wind for example.
Change or remove the in-game world map(not minimap):
Currently the world map is useless and should provide more information - level of wild spawns, number of npcs and obtainable/ quest related items.
More customization for player's look:
Like, why we cannot have different kinds of bags to carry and more interesting clothing options?
Make guild information searchable:
Allow players to search and look at the information(member names/ number of gym owned?) of the guilds via that NPC inside Guild Hall.
Codes multi-target and status moves:
Needless to say, the lack of working status moves makes battling dull and if moves can hit more than one target, crowd control is possible during travels.
Add abilities and PVP usable held items as premiums:
Alllow players to buy, with real cash, a item that unlocks abilities, much in a way like the current EXP-share in the shop. PVPing gets more interesting with better items!
Resolve special conditions for pokemon evolutions with quests:
Allow players to evo pokemons that needs happiness/ magnetic field by completing a corresponding questline.
Retain town locations after game map regen:
When the game map re-gens, let the towns stay in their places, in order for better travelling direction and prevent gyms from reforming!
Add in team command to keep guard:
Allow players to point on one location, on-screen, and sent the team over, keeping guard until the next command given. This let players to stay out of danger in the wild!
Make buying prices in Aspen's lab seasonal:
In different months of the year, the buying prices of pokemon may change; For example, in Arpil(supposing summer), FIRE types have their buying prices doubled!
Introduce trainer classes(titles) as achievement:
Allow players to get titles, above their character's heads, as rewards from quest. They can be BUG CATCHER, DRAGON TAMER and the likes..
Create Greenhouse building for berry growing:
This can make the pokemon game, part farming game as well, attracting a whole new range of players!
Add marking system in storage boxes:
Allow players to mark pokemons in storage, with symbols(Spade/heart/diamond/club maybe?) for better organization inside PC-boxes.
Give away rare pokemon in Lottery:
Winning just money is not enough; Add in a random pokemon that cannot be found in the wild, as well!

Still thinking of more =)


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May 12, 2018
I have written a few of these down in my notebook to plan and figure out an approach on them. I'd love to have the weather effects but adding too much animation to the game will make it slow and laggy to older or slower computers / laptops.
Sep 22, 2019
giving rare pokemons in lottery is a great idea, along with teleportation to owned gym town, quests for friendship based evolution maybe giving away friendship band kind of item that can be used to boost friendship (something like this was there in mystery dungeon), weather and day - night graphics would be great too can't say about other stuff these seems pretty great stuff would like to see them in game
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Sep 30, 2019
What computer and what specs does it have?
Oh, I meant for those playing on Mobile devices like me, the specs are a tablet which has 1 GB RAM (I use for catching Pokemon), and a Vivo 1610 smartphone with 3GB ram (Can't catch Pokemon because tapping on wild Pokemon only results with me walking towards them but I can use potions on my/wild Pokemon though) and I use Google chrome for both of them, cause other browser's desktop mode sucks. I mean adding more of the graphical stuff the guy said may cause more memory probs for my mid-tier 1 GB RAM tab to handle if I'm only playing on the GC browser. So having a client app with downloaded preloaded assets might help with the probable memory issue... (Note: I'm no pro programmer)... other good and dynamic looking Pokemon mmo games like Pokemon revolution online (Never played it cause never liked the turn-based battle system) has a client download for android, so... yeah.... helps their popularity for ease of access.

Anyway, me just babbling away.... Thank you for the work you all have put in making the game, the real time strategy concept of Pokemon Rise really re-ignited my love for the original stale turn-based based game. Thank you So Much 😁
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