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should slaking be allowed in this tournament

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Apr 5, 2021
hello i'm starting my own tournament it will start may 1st (ending on may 3rd, maybe longer if i get more people to join), i am not going to be a particiapant in this tourney so that i have time to make sure there's no cheating.

  • No legendary, pseudo-legendary & their evolutionary lines, or mega evolutions, ultra-beasts
  • You are only allowed to bring Pokémon you can find out in the wild (in current map) or must have been obtained from completing a quest that is available in current map
  • There must be no held items
  • Use of moves which solely affect the opponent’s status (confusion, sleep, paralysis, poisoned, burnt or frozen) are banned such as confuse ray, will-o-wisp, thunder wave, etc.
  • Move with power 140 and above are banned
  • Nuzzle, Bodyslam, Fake out and false swipe are banned
  • Slaking is banned! (for now thinking about this one)
Team Format:
  • Team of 6 Pokémon (Max level 50)
  • Only those found in the wild in current map, or *available* evolutions thereof
  • This is a Monotype tourney (based on the poll results) and each participant must pick one type that would common across their 6 pokemon (can be either type 1 or type 2). The other type can be any.
  • A participant can "register up to two teams". meaning you can have two teams and choose which of those two you would be using for a particular match. (Must be informed to the referee prior to the start of the match)
    Example: You can register a team 1 as dragon type and team 2 as grass type. When you battle you choose if you want to bring team 1 or team 2 to the battle. You can switch between those two teams in every subsequent battle
  • Normal type as a main one is banned to avoid any Normal vs Ghost matches that are less likely to yield a result. You can still have normal type as a secondary typing in combination with your chosen main type
  • No duplicate Pokémon from the same evolutionary line; eeveelutions are the exception to this rule.
  • Alolan and Kanto forms are not counted as same Pokémon
  • None of the Pokémon must be pre-evolved i.e. some Pokémon which evolves at a level higher than 50 and the owner has it on level 50
If you're unsure, please check with@johncarter
Battle Format:
  • All the battles must take place in the presence of one of the staff members who shall also oversee the match and tournament as referee
  • No switching of Pokemon is allowed during a match so if the participant bring out one Pokémon for battle it shall be used until it faints before moving to their next Pokemon
  • The participant with last Pokemon standing wins the match
  • During the time of a battle, the participant must not have any other Pokemon in their team other than those part of their team
  • In a case such that the Pokemon wins a match and is poisoned or burnt after it's opponent is down, it's owner can put it inside of the poke ball till the opponent brings out their next Pokemon to use
  • Any situation of ghost-normal type immunity match up must be avoided in a situation if a normal type Pokemon is already placed in the field the opponent must not bring out a ghost Pokemon (or vice versa)
rewards: 20k money, purple iv combee, 2 awakenings
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