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Feb 7, 2020
Basically, it makes a pokemon on your team shiny for 50 gold or something
>Starter IV lock
First pokemon starters guarantee 50% or more ivs (better for beginners)
>Premium chat (discord or rise)
>Shiny charm
(Shiny spawn time decreased by 1~5 seconds when owner of item is online) (Limit is -20 seconds at a time)
>Player PvP
After clicking on a user, when showing options like trade, message, etc. It show battle, which teleports you to a room with a pc and battle stadium (if other player accepts) and once stepping inside both players will be able to have their pokemon battle eachother (players locked in place and other rules would be set by player/global rules) Doubles would also be an option.
>7 day login reward
(For beginners) During the first week of your accounts existence, you will get double cash, free basic pokemon (Butterfree, beedrill, pikachu) and roughly 12-24 gold (Would be accessible to everyone even non beginners upon release)
Makes a shiny pokemon on your team not appear as shiny to strangers (does not apply to mods; they can still see shinyness) will still appear as shiny once clicked on in player card/pokemon link
>Admin/mod application
Nov 2, 2019
your just making a list of the things that has been denied in suggestions xD
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Nov 19, 2018
i dont like the sound of this one bit, it's not in the spirit of the game, and would devalue many rarer shinies. you want shinies, find them the proper ways xD

>shiny charm
how would this even work? wild poke that spawn are not exclusive to you, and the rate at which new poke spawn is fixed (one new poke per patch of grass not already full, every 60 seconds).

>starter IV lock
the whole point of IVs is that they are random. all starters are catchable, so there's no reason anyone not happy with their initial choice cant upgrade

>player PVP
already been rejected many times, because every town has a gym and a battle hall

>7 day login reward
there's already rewards for logging in, and to give a fixed bonus such as the one you suggest would only encourage people to be creating alts to send themselves such a gift (as indeed they already do, every time there's an event area with free stuff)

one of the reasons behind being able to see profiles of other players' team poke is so that you can verify you're not about to be mugged off when trading. allowing people to pick and choose what gets displayed is a whole can of worms that really does not need to be opened
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