Pokemon Battle Guide [Type Matchup and AOE]


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Jan 21, 2020
I can give you an insight on how battling works.

Typings matchup
1. Rather than what type of move you are using, the effectiveness is solely considering the type of pokemon. [ Move Type is only considered in calculation of STAB - Same Type Attack Bonus]

Eg : Pokemon battle example
Pokemon A - Type 1 - Normal , Type 2 - Flying
Pokemon B - Type 1 - Ground , Type 2 - Electric

The main point to be noted is in the below illustration :

1616996073099.png 1616996235523.png

2. While using AOE- Area Of Effect Moves [Rockslide, Powered Snow, Earthquake etc..] The first wild pokemon you target is considered to see if they are type immune or not.

Here out of 3 pokemon, 2 are normal/flying. and our pokemon (User pokemon) os Normal/Ground. Ground matches up with flying and it will not do damage; Normally.
The User pokemon targets a Bug/rock type pokemon using AOE - As area of Effect damages an all pokemon in a area, The other two immune pokemon also gets damage.
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