Pokemon snake game (HARDER VERSION)

Dec 26, 2020
This pokemon has the same rules as the other one. so if I start yveltal next person could say for example levanny. but the things that make it harder are: take turns so don't say 2 pokes in 1 go and NO REPEATING!!! If u run out of ideas for a pokemon on that letter wait for someone else to write a pokemon beginning on that letter. If you repeat a pokemon or say 2 in a row ur out! I will give it to you first time if you repeat what somebody said. but second time ur definatly out. don't repeat something u said or something another player said. if i do yveltal then another person levanny and then yeveltal again the person who said yveltal the second time is out. NO NICKNAMES. MEGAS ALLOWED but say M in front of the poke. for example M metagross. you can only say M in front of a poke if the pokemon a person said before you ends in M
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