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Nov 22, 2018
Hello everyone,

Firstly lets thank @r3zz for conducting this tournament

This will be a Bracket - Style tournament (Every match is a knock-out)

  • No legendries, pseudo-legendries & their evolutionary lines, or mega evolutions, ultra-beasts
  • You are only allowed to bring Pokémon you can find out in the wild or must have been obtained from completing a quest
  • Pokémon bought from gold store can also be used (provided they are available in the wild)
  • There must be no held items
  • Use of moves which solely affect the opponent’s status (confusion, sleep, paralysis, poisoned, burnt or frozen) are banned such as confuse ray, will-o-wisp, thunder wave, etc.
  • Fake out and false swipe are banned
  • Moves with 150 power or above are banned (Rock Wrecker, Giga Impact, Focus Punch, Hydro Cannon, Hyper Beam, Blast Burn, Head Smash, Explosion etc.)
  • Sky Attack and Nuzzle are banned
  • Slaking, Snorlax and Rhyperior are banned

Team Format:
  • Team of 6 Pokémon (Max level 50)
  • Only those found in the wild, or *available* evolutions thereof
  • No duplicate Pokémon from the same evolutionary line; eeveelutions are the exception to this rule.
  • Alolan and Kanto Pokémon are not counted as same Pokémon
  • None of the Pokémon must be Pre-evolved i.e. some Pokémon which evolves at a level higher than 50 and the owner has it on level 50

While the Pokémon you use have to be available in the wild, they don't necessarily have to be Pokémon that you yourself went out and caught. You could have received them in a trade long ago, or even obtained them from boxes or the gold store, but a box/gold store Pokémon must be of a species you could go out and find somewhere in the map. (If you're unsure, please check with @Kortovasan or @ChefMike or @chaitugss before registering your team

Battle Format:
  • All the battles must take place in the presence of at least one of @ChefMike / @Kortovasan / @chaitugss who shall also oversee the match and tournament as referees
  • The participants must submit their team prior to the start of the tournament and must refrain use of any other Pokémon throughout the tournament
  • During the time of a battle the participant must only carry registered Pokémon
  • There would be six 1 vs 1 matches with participants switching pokes after every single face-off
  • The decision on who would put the Pokémon out first in the first match-up will be decided by a coin flip 😉 and from then on, it would be alternate, meaning each player would get 3 chances to pull out a Pokémon based on their opponents Pokémon
  • A situation of ghost-normal type immunity match-up must be avoided. In a situation where say, player 1 brings out a normal type Pokémon, then player 2 must not bring out a ghost Pokémon (or vice versa)

Tournament Dates: 27th June (Saturday) - 30th June (Tuesday)

Timings: 11AM IST - 10PM IST on each of the above-mentioned dates
(You need not be available for the complete 10 hours. Discuss a suitable time with your opponent once the fixtures are out and you can have your match and leave. 🙂)

Prize: Azelf (one of the lake guardians trio)


Any questions related to the tournament, feel free to ask in the comments and wait for one of us to respond.


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Nov 22, 2018
@All, the registrations would be capped at 32 since this is gonna be a bracket style. Hence those who are yet to register, please register asap.

Post 32 registrations, you will be added to waitlist to replace if someone doesn't show up on the day of the tournament.

Registrations so far:
  1. @cRaZz - Reconfirmed
  2. @Yahyeet12 - Reconfirmed
  3. @pokestar789 - Reconfirmed
  4. @xXLegacyWolfXx - Opted Out
  5. @kataall - Reconfirmed
  6. Blitz10 - Opted Out
  7. @CavemanDitto - Opted Out
  8. @Sacha2003 - Hasn't reconfirmed
  9. @Spectre666 - Hasn't reconfirmed
  10. @player404 - Reconfirmed
  11. @Raijinz - Reconfirmed
  12. @Kyreo33 - Reconfirmed
  13. @Ash59daag - Reconfirmed
  14. @omkumar - Reconfirmed
  15. @Xmen1740e - Reconfirmed
  16. @Ishita - Reconfirmed
  17. @AagamAarya - Reconfirmed
  18. @shrynsh007 - Reconfirmed
  19. @GK - Reconfirmed
  20. @XPhantom - Reconfirmed
  21. @Cynthia728 - Reconfirmed
  22. @Ash_Wolf - Reconfirmed
  23. @DragonFire123 - Reconfirmed
  24. @CooltrainerAaron - Reconfirmed
  25. @Arulk4 - Reconfirmed
  26. @Fear_Origami_Kartana - Reconfirmed
  27. @James4567 - Opted Out
  28. @Kortovasan - Reconfirmed
  29. @leo17hn - Reconfirmed
  30. @Creation - Reconfirmed
  31. @Epic495 - Reconfirmed
  32. @LordValour - Reconfirmed

  33. @mozzzin1 - Replaces Blitz10
  34. @Litten28 - Replaces @xXLegacyWolfXx
  35. @NeoFireSoul - Replaces @James4567
  36. @Aquallo - Replaces @CavemanDitto
  37. @JustMonika - Replaces @Spectre666
  38. @dsp090909 - Replaces @Sacha2003
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Nov 22, 2018
@All, since there's few players in the waitlist that want to take part in the tournament, I would want each of you who have already registered to reconfirm your participation to me through DM in the game/forums/discord by 19th June 2020. If anyone fails to do so, they would be replaced by people from the waitlist. :)

Fixtures would be released on 20th June 2020

Happy training and good luck for the tournament!

Also, if any of you need to make any changes to your teams, do let me know by 19th June 2020.


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Nov 22, 2018
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Nov 22, 2018
@All, we will be having round 1 matches on 27th and 28th. You are free to choose between the two dates. Talk with your opponent and let me know when you want to have your match, preferably by 24th. On 25th I will put up the list of matches that will happen on 27th and 28th

Scheduled matches for 27th:
  1. Kyreo33 Vs NeoFireSoul - Kyreo33 wins 4-2
  2. GK Vs Mozzzin1- GK wins 4-2
  3. XPhantom Vs dsp090909 - XPhantom wins 4-2
  4. Omkumar Vs CoolTrainerAaron - CoolTrainerAaron wins 4-0
  5. DragonFire123 Vs Anj1998 - Anj1998 wins 4-0
  6. JustMonika Vs Pokestar789 - JustMonika wins 4-1
  7. Kartana Vs Arulk4 - Kartana wins 3-0
  8. Ash_Wolf Vs Raijinz - Ash_Wolf wins 4-0
Scheduled matches for 28th:
  1. leo17hn Vs Ishita - Ishita wins 4-2
  2. Aquallo Vs Ash59daag - Aquallo wins 4-3
  3. Kataall Vs Player404 - Kataall wins 4-0
  4. Christo Vs Warviking - Christo wins 4-0
  5. cRaZz Vs AagamAarya - cRaZz wins 4-1
  6. Ambrosia Vs Shrikar - Ambrosia wins 4-1
  7. Litten28 Vs Ari - Ari wins 4-1
  8. Kortovasan Vs Shrynsh007 - Shrynsh007 wins 4-0
  1. XPhantom Vs CoolTrainerAaron - CoolTrainerAaron wins 4-3
  2. Aquallo Vs GK - GK wins 4-2
  3. cRaZz Vs Ishita - cRaZz wins 4-0
  4. Kataall Vs Anj1998 - Kataall wins 4-2
  5. Kyreo33 Vs Christo - Kyreo33 wins 4-1
  6. Shrynsh007 Vs Ash_Wolf - Ash_Wolf wins 4-2
  7. Kartana Vs JustMonika - Monika wins 4-2
  8. Ambrosia Vs Ari - Ambrosia wins 4-2
  1. Kataall Vs CoolTrainerAaron - Kataall wins 4-1
  2. Ambrosia Vs GK - Ambrosia wins 4-2
  3. cRaZz Vs Kyreo33 - cRaZz wins 4-3
  4. Ash_Wolf Vs JustMonika - Ash_Wolf wins 4-0
  1. Kataall Vs Ash_Wolf - Kataall wins 4-1
  2. Ambrosia Vs cRaZz - cRaZz wins 4-3
  1. cRaZz Vs Kataall - Kataall wins 4-2
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