Remarks for Guild Events


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Jun 10, 2018
Some small suggestions here, maybe we can have a note box under each guild event notification for the guild leader & guild officers to put in reasons of why it was there if needed? For example, some guild balance transfers/deposits, since it's only the guild leader who can deposit money into the guild bank now and anyone else who wants to donate has to trade the money to the guild leader first, or guild giveaways with the money from the guild bank... so there will be fewer misunderstandings. Thank you ^-^

1. It would also be really great if filters for guild events can be added ^^'' like having different categories such as guild member activities, gym captures etc.
2. Would it be possible if the guild events can show who captured which gym? This had always been difficult to figure out and I guess it's pretty important when it comes to member promotions/demotions

Huge thanks to all rise staff 💕💕💕
(and please dont mind my poor grammar...)

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