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Is my request too much?

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Hello to you all, hope you all have a good time, playing....
I want more items to be available in the pokemarts, to make the game more fun and interesting thus, this is my request to the game development team;

1) Add Technical Machine(TMs)
> Sludge Wave
It is a good AOE damaging move but it can only be learn by Grimers or Muks currently, from learn-set. However, via TM, many pokemon can get to learn it as well!​
> Dazzling Gleam/ Snarl/ Struggle Bug
Same case as Sludge wave, limited pokemons can learn the moves via learn-set; Much more pokemon can get to learn it using TMs!​

2) Add Held Items
> Eviolite
Not only great for training weaker pokemons, is also a item that allow more choice pokemons for PVP-ing (Checkout smogon for eviolite users)​
> Wide Lens
Many of the AOE and high power based moves, in the game, have low accuracy. With this item, that problem can be less of a worry, and annoying!​
> Choice items(Specs/ Band/ Scarf)
I discovered that most of the time, each pokemon of mine just use one move, in almost every battle I faced. Will be awesome if I have something like them.​
> Plates of Arceus
Trainers often teaches their pokemons, moves that does not belong to their typing; without STAB, such items are really needed for that little boost in power.​
> Leftovers
Many pokemons lack HP recovery moves - with this, they can survive longer in the battlefield, giving players better protection during travelling.​

> Power items(Anklet/ Band/ Belt/ Bracer/ Lens/ Weight)
EV-training is always a part of the trainer's life. Those item can helpout in a big way - specially for EV-training service providers(Certain players among us)​
I hope the game development team takes a look at this request of mine....
Sep 20, 2019
I think not all of these are necessary, but it would be nice to see them added a little at a time. Like, I tink the arceus plates and power items are a bit too much to ask, for example. I think it would be easier to incorporate a macho brace.
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