Researcher update and old suggestions

Apr 22, 2022
Make the research spawn only 10m , make new researcher spawn for 5m and can spawn any non leggie shiny pokemon.
I will write my old suggestion again.
Pls. Make Safari big and remove some obstacles. Additional Some Gen 8 pokemon in wilds.
Ladder for inaccessible tiles.
Pls we only need little update the game is dying . We are very bored but we loved the game 🙏
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Nov 19, 2018
Null Island
the researcher cost increases for each successive spawn. once it reaches the highest cost (25m) and that spawn is funded, it resets back to 10m. money is too easy to earn and there is an excess of it already.
a bigger safari would certainly be nice, I've advocated for a multi-area safari for some time, but making maps is hard (for me).
keeping the inaccessible areas inaccessible works for now, as the current staff can use them for events (like we did for Hallowe'en) instead of having to have to add specific event areas, which most of us are unable to do.
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