Waiting for Players Sharukh double battle torunament [Registration Closed]

Dec 26, 2020
Hi guys , this is my second tournament. I hope u will enjoy it

This is a double tournament battle in which two players team up to battle.

This tournament is of level 50 pokemons , no pokemon above level 50 is allowed.
The limitage of power of the pokemon moves are below 150. No sky attack , drain moves including drain punch , paralyzing move , freezing moves
Flinch moves are allowed in the battles.

Pokemons allowed :-
Three pokemons from each player. These pokemons should be of the same generation.
No pseudos , legendaries , mythical, boxes are allowed.
No evee evolutions.
No slakings , rypherior and snorelax


level 50 evs trianed sceptile and a starter for the winner.
The prize is distributed among the partners equally after the decision.

All the new plaeyrs must partcipate in the tounrmanet even though they don't have a strong pokemon.

i iwll decide the date

U must register with five days in the forums. No need to wait until u get a partner. Just register and the host will decide ur partner.
but don't owrry it iwll after a week

Admins - mike , host mohamedsharukh , yogi478 and other player not yet decided.

players registered:

Deedu and aliammar vs sceptile56 and legendtrainer

yogi478 and hamcat4life vs LordTDragoIND and chansey

Pro98 and Yuvetal2 vs DBOSS and mohamedsharukh

Ash59daag and AnshumaanSahoo2004 vs Icosgomic and thejaas

don't worry those who ever didn't get a pair , the game will provie u from those who are upaired.
Itihnk we got enough members for the tournmaent
so let me close the registration
i hope everyone got a pair , so let us start form today itself
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