suggestions regarding breeding and friendship evolved pokemon


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Sep 22, 2019
Breeding - there can be day care centers as in real anime and other pokemon games, where players may leave their pokemons with daily charges. These centers should show what all pokemon are already present there ( left there by other players). Since there may be pokemon who breed together and may produce eggs which can be given away to the owner of the parent pokemon on first come first serve basis. may be we can use lotteries for these purposes too.
about friendship evolved pokemon - there may be some item (like friendship band in mystery dungeon game), that can be obtained by some quests made availabe in few towns, on completing these may reward players with such items that can evolve friendship based pokemons. These quests maybe random, available free for all the players on a weekly basis (on a particular day of the week maybe). Once a player has an active friendship quest, he/she may not take other untill they deciede to drop the quest. Plus, these quests may have deadlines (say 1 week before next quest comes up) providing limited access to such items also ensuring that players who really want to evolve their pokemon get the chance to do that by putting in some effort from their side.
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