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Jan 16, 2021
Pokemon Rise
Hello everyone,I'm going to be hosting a tournament in couple of days

Battle Rules:
-Any pokemon is allowed,you can use any gen and type pokemon. you have to follow the two rules in red
-They have to be lvl 50 (under lvl 50 allowed)
- No legendary, Pseudo legendary, Ultra Beast,Mythical Pokemon (Slaking and Rhyperior are banned)
- Only Team AURA members can participate on this mini tourney
- No held items allowed, items using in metween match not allowed

- No Mega evolutions
- draining moves like drain punch and giga drain allowed
-140 power and above power moves banned (Aoe moves allowed)
- No duplicate pokemon ( Alolan forms dont counts as duplicate pokemon,same goes for evee evolutions)
- Flase swipe,Fake out,Willo wisp, Nuzzle,Discharge,Toxic and Body Slam banned

1st Place : Shiny bidoof (white iv),Mamoswine (pink iv),Blaziken (pink iv),Delibird (orange iv),Caterpie (orange iv),Ribombee lvl 100 (orange iv) and 50k
2nd Place: Vikavolt (green iv), Magnezone (green iv), Kommo-o (blue iv),Flygon (pink iv),Growlithe (pink iv) Wingull (pink iv), dodrio(pink iv)and 20k
3rd place: Walrein for pvps (pink iv) ,Cubchoo (pink iv),Riolu (pink iv)20k


Times will be announced soon, have to check everyone's time zones etc.

Be happy, Have fun, post your Registration here or PM me in Pokemon rise to join. Also pm me is Pokemon rise or Post here if have any questions.

Best of luck to you all for tourney give your best to win.(y)(y):)


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