Team Aura Needs U

Mar 31, 2021
HI am Proman123// real name Aarav
i speak marathi
In 2021 many ppl played pokemon rise and i also did and there were verry strong clans/teams
Team Galaxy
Team Aura
Team Kupo
Team chansy
these were the most strongest teams
but the i had took a break form rise for 1 year then when i returned to rise
i saw a team it had became a stron verry team team infiniety
then i saw recprobust in it and team aura was disbanded it was one of the top 4 strongest clans in that time but
when schools stated mannny ppl forget rise so now not many strong clans in rise but
WAKE UP TO REALITY ! !!! now is the time to Shine lets get stong and bild pokemon rise comunity bigger and stronger and make it best [pm me on dc or in game ot join ]
aura now.JPG
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