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How many Pokemon should be allowed in one team?

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Jan 1, 2020
Hello all Kupos,

My name is Kyreo and I am an officer of Clan Centurio.

A tournament has been set for only Kupo members. When this post is out whoever joins after will not be able to participate. Rules:

1. It will be a lvl 50 tourney
2. For now due to everyone having varying experience, we will do a poll on how many poke shall be allowed per player.(I will see which nubs not from our guild vote).
3. Banned pokemon are Slaking, Snorlax, Rhyperior, Legendaries, Ultra Beasts, Mythicals, Megas and pseudos.
4 One box only poke is allowed in your team
5. All status moves are banned (thunder wave, confuse ray, etc.).
6. Pokemon that evolve at a higher lvl than 50 are banned (Bisharp, Volcarona, etc.)

1st gets 500k
2nd gets 250k
3rd gets an Alakazam

If we get enough players the set date at the moment is May 22th, a Friday, 12am EST If there are conflicts let me know so that i can set a proper time for everyone.

There will be refs so play fair and best of all, all of you should have fun in this tourney. Best of luck to Kupo!


UPDATE: Votes are in and 3 poke is the top choice. Trainers can only select 3 poke and 3 poke to used. Date atm will be on Saturday June 6th through Sunday June 7th (No time due to people having different timezones)

IMPORTANT: I need everyone in the next thread to post their team and once posted that's FINAL by next Friday unless the poke(s) are breaking any of the above rules. Yes I'm in this tournament now and i will post my team first.
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