The Legend of the Great Friends


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Oct 6, 2020
So, heres the same as the thread "The Story of Bank",
But we have made this a bit different, the authors will discuss it thoroughly and then post it here
Do like our messages to show how You feel
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Oct 6, 2020
[The house of @PheonixPaz ]
Knock knock knock....

Strange voice: Are you in there you little brat?
@PheonixPaz :[waking up] what hour is it?
person at the door: its time for you to start your journey
@PheonixPaz :What is it today? [looks at the clock] I am going to be late!!!
[opens the door]
[sees his friend @Angle16]
@PheonixPaz :U had to call me a brat, did you??
@Angle16 : I love calling you that, Come-on, hurry up or you'll be late.

@PheonixPaz takes off his shirt in a hurry....

@Angle16 starts blushing

@PheonixPaz : Oii get out of here
@PheonixPaz slams the door
@Angle16 from the other side of the door...

@Angle16 :Hey! I was just-
@PheonixPaz : I know what you were doing, don't explain yourself, i know very well.

@PheonixPaz : Ok I am ready now....
@Angle16 's face was still red

@Angle16 : Uh hmm? Oh -----[screams] OHHH! Your ,erm uhh....ready.
@PheonixPaz :Of course I am, now lets go!
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Oct 6, 2020
@PheonixPaz and @Angle16 reach the Professor Rosseforp's Laboratory

@Angle16 and @PheonixPaz saw many Pokémon in the lab garden

@Angle16 : wow so many Pokémon i can't wait to get a starter
@PheonixPaz : Calm down
while @Angle16 was looking around she saw a boy
@Angle16 : @PheonixPaz , Look how wierdly dressed he is

@PheonixPaz : @Angle16 let do what we came to do
@Angle16 : ok

Professor Rosseforp : Kids u are finally here. Lets see know why did i call you?.....oh yea right you are ready to start your adventure, follow me
[opens a box with 6 pokeballs]
Professor Rosseforp : This pokeballs contain 6 starter pokemons from two different regions
@Angle16 : What pokemons are they
Professor Rosseforp: The pokemons are.... Charmander,





and Tepig

@Angle16 : *Gasp* Two gen starters? How did you come across these cuties Professor Rossfepro???
Professor Rosseforp : *chuckles* You can call me Professor Ros, And these......My 148th cousin gave these
@PheonixPaz : Your Hundred and Forty Eighth cousin?????????How many do you have??
Proffessor Ross: Hmm...Now thats something to think about-

[A woman enters the room in a pure white lab coat, with a Chansey on her side]

Woman: Erm Professor? Its an emergency, The B-Quadrant.....[She looks at @PheonixPaz and @Angle16 ]Oh......who are they? Who is she?

[Stay Tuned]
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Oct 6, 2020
Woman: Professor Ross... Its really an emergency, The B-Quadrant......It.....He........H-he broke out...
[The woman fell to her knees and started sobbing]

Professor Ross : Ok, Just in a moment. Dear kids sorry but have a great emergency.....
@PheonixPaz :Oh we would love to help yo-
Woman : -But you.......How can you even......You could neve-
Professor Ross: Angelina please calm down, [He whispers something in Angelina's ear, Angelina was about to blink but she was so shocked of the secret news that she didn't even blink....] Its them....

Angelina : Huh? Them.....It cant be....-
@Angle16 : Huh?
Professor Ross: Oh nothing, my dears, come one, you are most welcome to join us....
@PheonixPaz :AWESOME!!

[That group of four, walks towards a specific room....Unknown to common man.]
They come across a stairway while going ahead....

Professor Ross : Oh hey @PheonixPaz , ca-
@PheonixPaz :How do you know my name?
Professor Ross : I ,-er, umm.... You told me before...

[ @Angle16 saw Professor Ross, crossing his fingers behind his back, but decided to remain silent ]
@PheonixPaz : Oh it must be then....
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Oct 6, 2020
@Angle16 : (in slowly to @PheonixPaz)I reckon there is something fishy going on here
@PheonixPaz : Why do you think like that? Is it just because you have a Shiny Magikarp at home?

@Angle16 : Oh just nothing, you never told your name to Professor Ross. That's for sure. And when you asked Professor Ross about how he knew your name, He hesitated a bit while replying

@PheonixPaz : Its just you and your crime comics, nothing else. I did tell my name to him.

@Angle16 : No I'm sure that you didn't say. He know who you are
@PheonixPaz : Are you proclaiming that they're fake?

@Angle16 : Not at all. I am just saying there is something fishy going on. He whispered something to Angelina too.

@PheonixPaz : @Angle16 , Professor Ross might have just told her about the reason we were here...

@Angle16 : Okay then, Give me the reason why the woman stopped sobbing after He whispered to her? Why did she gasp "Its them" huh?

@PheonixPaz : i don't kno-
Professor Ross : Um kids, I would suggest that we walk a bit faster, And.. what are you guys talking bout?

[ @PheonixPaz suddenly stop talking with @Angle16]

@PheonixPaz : uh...nothing just talking that which Pokémon will she choose.
Professor Ross : Oh that's nice
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Oct 6, 2020
@PheonixPaz : What do you suggest we do?
@Angle16 : I dunno they look a little suspicious to me so...
Professor Ross: Have you decided your Pokémon starter?
@Angle16: No no no, not right now! *smiling nervously
Professor Ross: Ohk and also I would like you to meet someone.
@PheonixPaz : Who?
Professor Ross: Do you remember the kid in the park that was looking at the riolu?
[ @PheonixPaz and @Angle16 try to remember the boy ]

@Angle16: yeah?
Professor Ross: Well..... I don't know him very well but, He's very lonely and has his heart at a good place. I want you to be friends with him
@PheonixPaz : Wait what?! Why?

[Stay Tuned]
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Oct 6, 2020
Professor Ross: This is because he needs friend and you two are the perfect match for him.
[He turns around and whisper-squeals]
Yay!! everything is going according to the prophecy!!
@Angle16 :According to the what?
Professor Ross: Huh? Niente, non ho detto niente, Uh sorry my Italian genes, nevermind Are you guys ready to choose your Pokémon Buddy??
@Angle16 : Oh yes I am ready
@PheonixPaz : I am still thinking about it
Professor Ross : Oh thats great but you might have to hurry....

[ @PheonixPaz and @Angle16 decided that which they choose]

Professor Ross : k kids say which pokemon you are going to choose?
@Angle16 : Me first!
Professor Ross : ok @Angle16 you choose first
@Angle16 : Hmm....I have thought about it...Since I like water type and I do love the Blastiose Anime......
@PheonixPaz : You're going to choose your starter with the reference to an anime????
@Angle16 : So what if i? I choose Squirtle.
Professor rosseforp : Oooh an excellent choice!
Squirtle : squi... squirtle.....

[Squirtle uses Fun Bubble]

@Angle16 : Squirtle! Not on my face!

[@Angle16 take squirtle into her hands. @PheonixPaz watch this and laughs.]

Professor Ross : (smiles) ok now its ur turn @PheonixPaz

@PheonixPaz : hmm so i choose....... i really want a fire type, but i also want a flying type....I choose-

Professor Ross : Hmm... know something, i have something for you...[Ross shows an egg to @PheonixPaz ]
Here, A charizard laid an egg last week, Wait, forget you heard that-

@PheonixPaz : A charmander is gonna hatch out???
@Angle16 :Oof Professor, Pheonix has keen senses, you might wanna think about what you wanna speak
Professor Ross: Well, i guess the cat's out of the bag......Its a Special one @PheonixPaz .....

[Stay Tuned]
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Feb 12, 2021
*At that time in dryleaf forest*
[ a strange kid with a charmander who has a tattoo (fire shape) on his left hand near to shoulder walks in graveyards of there]
Kid : charmander now where are we?
Charmander : char char?? (Are we lost??)
Kid : i think we are lost charmander. When we ran away from lab i should need to take the guide gadget (gets sad)
[Then they hears a voice of moving grass they looks at there then suddenly a zangoose appeared]
Kid : oh a wild zangoose, go charmander
Charmander : char...
Kid : use ember
[Charmander uses ember on zangoose but it jump and dodge it then uses fury swipes]
Kid : charmander dodge it and use scratch
[Charmander uses scratch after dodging fury swipes. Zangoose fall down]
Kid : use smokescreen
[Charmander uses smokescreen and they ran away. As they going they saw something is shining]
Kid : what is shining???
[Charmander also in confuse face]
Kid : lemme check
[They check there and saw a big crystal stone which is shining. they take it]
Kid : ooh what is it???? Is it a mega stone
[He checks]
Kid : no its not that at all
[Then he saw that in it there is a rolled paper. He take a stone try to broke it but it was too hard crystal stone so they wonders]
Kid : oh it not breaking up.
[Charmander looks at him and he understand what charmander trying to say with him]
Kid : should i go there??
Charmander : char. (Yes)
Kid : but......k we will go return but today night we will return from there
[Charmander not replies anything]
*they walks and reaches to professor's lab*
[They saw 2 kids going to start their journey and later antelina saw that his son is at there she ran at there]

[At lab garden @DragonPlayz30YT was watching a riolu who is in training]
@DragonPlayz30YT : oh what a good riolu is this uh sadly it have a trainer. But why that trainer not kept it in team!!? If i was i will train it and make nice.
[Riolu don't minded @DragonPlayz30YT 's talk]
[ @DragonPlayz30YT looks at the blue egg on the rock near to him]
@DragonPlayz30YT :ahh..please egg will u hatch its been 5 weeks professor said u will hatch in 2-3 days then we can go to our journey but u not hatching. I taken u as my first pokemon because i like a pokemon other than starters as my first pokemon. I seen u in the lab i like u so i asked to prof can i take u and i will choose it as a starter. Since at that time to this im caring u alot but u not hatching that make me very sad.
[Suddenly the egg started moving and shining he take it and went to near professor they all sees that egg is shining. All came near to him.]
Professor rosseforp : immediately take it out from incubater and come.
[Angelina take egg and go behind professor then enters and chansey look temperature, heartbeat.]
Professor rosseforp : it is going to hatch
[ It hatches and a pokemon opens eyes all look at the Pokémon ]
@DragonPlayz30YT : riolu...
@professor rosseforp : its a fine riolu i will bath it in hot water.chansey take hot water.
[Chansey takes hot water(not much hot) and professor baths it. @DragonPlayz30YT was very happy]

[stay tuned]
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Oct 6, 2020
[Extremely sorry, but there were a few corrections in the second scene]
[At lab garden @DragonPlayz30YT was watching a riolu who is in training]
[Chansey takes hot water(not much hot) and professor baths it. @DragonPlayz30YT was very happy]
A few hours ago...

[At lab garden @DragonPlayz30YT was watching a riolu who is training itself]

@DragonPlayz30YT : Oh what a good riolu it is. Sadly it has a trainer. But why has that trainer left him!!? If I was his trainer, I would train hard along with it and be great friends..
[Riolu doesn't mind @DragonPlayz30YT talking about him]
[ @DragonPlayz30YT looks at the blue egg on the rock near to him]

@DragonPlayz30YT :Ohh Please egg will you hatch as early as possible? Its already been 2 weeks, the professor said you would hatch in 2-3 days, then we were free to go on our journey, but you aren't hatching.
I took you as my first Pokémon because i like a Pokémon other than starters as my first pokemon. I saw you in the lab, I liked u so I asked Professor, if I could take you, He replied yes. Since then, I have taken care of you. I would love if you would hatch

[Suddenly the egg starts moving and glowing. @DragonPlayz30YT almost dropped the incubator, but @Angle16 saved it and went to Professor Ross who asked everyone to follow him]

Professor Ross : Immediately take it out from incubator.

[Angelina takes egg out of the incubator which was being held steadily by @Angle16 and then follows professor into a room, where a chansey appears from a door and takes the egg from Angelina, Puts it on a machine which read the temperature, heartbeat and all other details.]

Professor Ross : It is going to hatch.....

[ It hatches and a pokemon opens eyes all look at the Pokémon ]

@DragonPlayz30YT : RIOLU!!!!!

Professor Ross : Its a fine riolu. You will have to bathe it in hot water. Chansey bring the hot water please.
[Chansey brings a starmie, Chansey then asks @DragonPlayz30YT to take the starmie and he gives the riolu a bath @DragonPlayz30YT was very happy that day]

[Stay Tuned]
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