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Jan 1, 2020
Hello again Trainers,

I have gotten together 13 players during the weekend, so that means there will be one week left until the battles begin. We will start on Saturday and me, Sayok, and possibly Mike will watch the battles as refs.

Also to make sure you guys don't have broken any rules, I will need to validate your teams before the battles. Please do soon as soon as possible so that if possible, you don't have to bring only 2 poke allowed for tourney.

Here is the bracket:

Also to make things quicker, If both trainers meant to battle in first round are ready for a battle before Saturday, let me know and I'll see who wins.
To determine 3rd place, the ones who lose in the semifinals or third round will battle each other for it.
To check rules again:

So Trainers prepare for battle! I will see you Saturday!

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