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Apr 25, 2020
First let me start with adknowledge the rise in recent missing Pokémon, which from self study have been caused by Player error or player latency issues and not by server data.
Unfortunately getting back the Pokémon you may have lost is left up to the devs,

So I've been working on a solution to fix the problem for the future.

1.add a favourite system
Adding a faded out star that when clicked turns gold adding that pokemon to a favorites list,
Pokémon that have been added to your favorites list cannot be sold to the lab nor traded with other players. (think of it as a player lock)
Changes to Pokémon being favorited or unfavorited can only be done in P.C storage.

2.add a sort by favourites
While in the your PC storage any Pokémon that has been favorited will be sorted by ticking a new box.

See image below as a rough idea of what it should look like.

I believe for the future this will solve the majority of the missing Pokémon problems latency wise, leaving the rest to Player error.

would love to hear your thoughts on the idea and remember to like the thread.


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Jan 30, 2020
Hi guys,
I was thinking of this idea for a long long long time and I would high recommend another addon with this sort by fav, sort by fav even sorts out nicknamed pokemon and fav pokemon and most of them nickname only if fav or special or important since it costs money, I am not pinpointing the word usage of money since use of 5k is not huge amount and hard to gather but it should be useful to spend it and new players would be short on money and wouldnt spend a lot so they will nickname their favs so I would recommend sort by fav also sorts nicknamed poke or a different box for sorting nicknamed and that would be great!


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