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    Taking ppl in team Aura
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    Team Aura Needs U

    HI am Proman123// real name Aarav indian i speak marathi Aarav#9112 In 2021 many ppl played pokemon rise and i also did and there were verry strong clans/teams like: Team Galaxy Team Aura Team Kupo Team chansy these were the most strongest teams but the i had took a break form rise for...
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Closed respawn item

    yes its help ful
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    controlling pokemon

    1] PRESS 1 TO 6 on ur key pad and right click the pokemon u want to go to
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    So what do you all think

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    Waiting for Players Dragons Tourney

    i come in plz
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    Monetary Reforms for Rise

    u get 23 to 52 $ by kill wild poke
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    Waiting for Players 40lvl pro

    its called
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    Closed Changing username

    no username change u wanna change ur team lol but if u want a another username simple make alts
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    Waiting for Players CCB POKEMENT

    yes be weary close and fight
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