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    Waiting for Players A KaluX Mini Tourney

    pre-evolved poke allowed?
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    Closed GIVEAWAY

    i am in
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    Invisible pokemon at 15,-8

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    Closed Tourney Ideas

    They way voting is going on need to get a monotype team fast :(:(
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    Closed Fire type tourney.

    which 5:30 ? plz specify the timezone
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    Closed Fire type tourney.

    i am in
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    yeah you can ..

    yeah you can ..
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    Closed wfp Tournament

    I am in too :)
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    Closed Battle Tournament: Gateway Of The Trickster

    @DragonFire123 Let me know when ur online ,so that we can have our battle..
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    Water radar doesn't seems to work

    All water tile shows same radar
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    Water radar doesn't seems to work

    I am observed in multiple water tiles that radar doesn't show the correct pokemon that are present at that tile. As here we have magikarp that is not visible in the radar.
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