PvP Type matchups.

Jul 13, 2022
Hello Friends, I am DRACOnBEAST:).
I like to share some of my pvp knowledge here because many new players get confused about how typing works in POKEMON RISE cuz PVP is completely different from all other games in rise .
  • Its primary type vs primary and secondary type vs secondary type in case of dual type pokes on both side.
  • Eg: 1. Rhydon (Ground, Rock) vs Blaziken (Fire, Fighting) . Even if Blaziken hits Rhydon with fighting type moves its effect will be same as fire type move for example, flare blitz and close combat which do same ratio of damage(Flare blitz won't do very low damage because rhydon is ground + rock, the damage ratio will be same as close combat) same in case of rhydon.In such case it will takes stats for damage calculations.
  • 2. Charizard (Fire, Flying) vs Lapras (Water, Ice) AND Charizard (Fire, Flying) vs Walrein (Ice, Water). Here Lapras and Walrein might look as same types in anime series but they are completely different in rise. In Charizard (Fire, Flying) vs Lapras (Water, Ice) Lapras have high advantage since water resist fire and super effective against it,ice resist flying type moves and super effective against it.But its different in case of Charizard (Fire, Flying) vs Walrein (Ice, Water) since fire is super effective against ice and water vs flying will be neutral. Clearly Charizard will have advantage here.
  • In monotype vs dual type it counts only first type of poke. It takes Primary type vs primary type, secondary type dont have any role here.
  • Eg: 1. Mawile (Fairy, Steel) vs Muk (Poison) : Here Muk can use poison moves and damage Mawile even if Mawile is steel type. In this matchup poison got more advantage against fairy and poison resists to fairy type so muk got good advantage in this.
  • 2. Sceptile (Grass) vs Golisopod (Bug, Water): In this case Golisopod have advantage against Sceptile. Here water type dont count while batteling only thing matters is bug vs grass where bug resists to grass and bug deals 2x dammage to grass. Clearly Golisopod will have advantage.

  • For monotype refer this table and u can also use it to learn about type advantages and disadvantages.
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There are many more things to add ill post them too when i get free. Untill then check these things created by other player to better understandings.

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