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    Waiting for Players GIVEAWAY

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    Waiting for Players Champions League

    if prize worth it, sure
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    Item Drops

    It’s suggestions not a spam place please
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    Item Drops

    The new suggestion is "Item Drops": These are events where an item of the staff's choice can be chosen to be placed anywhere on the map similar to spawns, but only one person can get that item. For example, a mega stone, reroll, gold or a rare candy is dropped at x,y coordinates, and the first...
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    Closed Trainers Bronze Tournament

    So if below 50 , does that mean we can't use lvl 50s?
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    Pokémon Snake Game

    that's a pokemon's nickname redo that
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    Name That Nubhorse

    1.Normal 2.Fire 3.Flying 4.Poison 5.Ground 6.Rock 7.Bug 8.Ghost 9.Water 10.Unedited version of the Dragon Type Arceus 11.Fighting 12.Steel 13.Grass 14.Electric 15.Psychic 16.Ice. 17.Dark Fairy is missing (A Rose Pink would work) Somehow there isn't a sprite for Dragon so 10 is most likely the...
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    Closed Christmas Clan Centurio Guild Tournament

    Hello Kupo Members, Kyreo here, and I present you the Christmas Clan Centurio Tournament: Restrictions: No legendary, pseudo-legendary & their evolutionary lines, or mega evolutions, ultra-beasts You are only allowed to bring Pokémon you can find out in the wild (in the current map) or must...
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    Closed The Pokemon Rise Elites Cup

    Due to some problems, the tournament will be canceled. Sorry for those who registered I will look for u to talk with.
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    Closed Pants Glitch

    Wear the shoes.
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    Closed The Pokemon Rise Elites Cup

    Register by the form sorry for it not working before and prizes and date already said in post
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    Closed The Pokemon Rise Elites Cup

    Registrations are open now! sign up
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    Money inflation

    What if u lower the amount of money the guild gyms give when captured and then caught by another guild?
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    Closed The Pokemon Rise Elites Cup

    Pseudos will be allowed since they have a base stat total of 600
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