A Beginner Guide To Pokemon Rise, (Updated 2021)

Oct 11, 2018
(Shoutout To ArisenFlames Because 'He/she Let me use their pictures in my guide.)
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Gyms Coordinates:
so basically here are the coordinates for all the gyms (CURRENTLY) in game.
badge gyms are at 0,0 (rock) 3,2 (grass) -2,4(water) 4,-3 (fighthing) -3,-5(flying) and -6,-2 steel
all of which are towns. enjoy
Smaller Tricks.
You Can Heal Your Pokemons At Any Pokemon Center, they're found in any town.

This is a pokemon center.

This is a pokemon center (inside) and it's nurse.

Once inside, click on the Nurse, then click “YES” when asks you if you would like to heal your Pokemon.

Note: You Can also heal Your own, As well As Wild pokemons with any healing items, which include potions And statue-healing items. This was made to prevent fainting a pokemon you're trying to catch.
If You Find yourself fainting often without any ''reasons'' it is probably because you did not send your pokemons out to protect you. OR you moved too quickly And got hit by a wild pokemon before your own team could defend you. alway keep your pokemons out so that you doesn't faint too much ^^

  • If you fainted your own pokemons, it is probably because you used a Area Of effect move (AOE) AOE moves hit everything on their ways, earthquake for example. alway be careful of when you use those moves! for more information visit the ''september update'' Post About Which Update pokemon rise received recently. or tap the ''AOE'' button (The blue one) To learn more about AOE Moves. ( AOE )
If your pokemons stopped learning moves even though they Did reach the level for the move in question to be learned. Is it because you already have four moves.. Worry not though, the move tutor will teach ANY moves your pokemon can learn (including level up moves) for a mere 1000$ pokedollars. the move tutor will wait in ANY labs in ANY town.
(NOTE: a update should have fixed this. So worry not About Not learning level up moves, move tutor is alway useful though!)

Now For The More Important tricks.
How do I battle?

To battle, let your pokemon out of their pokeballs first.

Click the pokeball on the side

If you do it correctly, the pokeball icon will open and you will be able to see their moves, like so:

Warning! Once Again Don't Forget That,
If you travel out of range of your Pokemon or without your own Pokemon, you will be vulnerable to wild Pokemon attacks. If a wild Pokemon attacks you, you'll faint and go back to the last Pokemon Center You've Healed at.

How Do i Buy Items?

You can buy items from the Pokemart. The Pokemart is the blue building found in all towns. You need in-game money to buy items from there.

Available items include: Pokeballs (normal, great, ultra, master), Potions (normal), Status Heals (Poison, Burn, Frozen), and Evolution Stones.

How do I catch Pokemon?
Open the bag icon

, then click on Pokeball item in your bag.

This will turn your cursor into a Pokeball. Then, all you have to do is hover over and click the Pokemon with the Pokeball. You will know if you’ve caught the pokemon within 3 shakes of the ball.

Visually, it will shake 4 times, but will only register 3. By the 4th, the game thinks that the Pokemon is out of its ball and will be vulnerable to attacks. If the ball fails, restart the process.
For this? just click the defend text or tap the Ctrl key on your keyboard to set everyone on defend.

How do I see my Pokemon’s stats?

Click on your pokemon’s picture on the top left hand side of the screen to see its stats.

How do I earn money?

1. Defeating pokemon.

This earns you money at a slow rate. The rate is currently based on level; For example, $5 per level 4 pokemon defeated, $14 per level 6 pokemon defeated, and $68 per level 18 pokemon defeated.

2. Hand in Pokemon to Professor Aspen

First, catch a Pokemon. Then, head over to the lab, found in every town.

Professor Aspen
You get more money if:

The Pokemon is rare
The Pokemon is a high level
The Pokemon is evolved
You'il alway need Atleast, One pokemon

  • How Do i change my character apparance?
GO there

This building is found in every town. they sell clothes the amount depend on the kind of costume/accessory.
  • Help! My Pokemon doesn't have any usable attacking moves! !
Again The move tutor will help you. just go to the lab it currently cost 1000$ to teach any learnable moves.

Lotto Shop

this is where to buy lotteries to have a chance of getting a prize. which is usually money and gold.
found in every towns
Obtaining Badges

this is a gym, enter it and defeat every trainers including the gym leader to gain money and a badge, we currently only have four gyms. note that this is NPCS battles, and not players battles, meaning you fight NPCS, aka ''non player characters''
Safari Zone
enter this building.

as seen, talk to her pay the cost and you'il get 10 minutes inside the safari.

Once you enter the map, you will be given 30 Safari Balls. Explore the map to find rare pokemon. These pokemon can be caught only using Safari Balls.

How do I get Legendaries?

As of 6th December 2018 you are not able to obtain legendaries naturally without spending real money.
There is a small chance of obtaining a legendary by purchasing a Pokemon Box from the cash shop.

Or BY trading with other players if they're willing to sell their legendaries for a price of course set by the two players.
Chat FAQ

In-game Chat Name Colours

Red Name: Administrator/Game Developer

: Moderator

Premium Player; A player who has spent real money on the game.

Keyboard Shortcuts
[ -
Call all pokemon out
] - Keep all pokemon (must be in range)
CTRL - Set all pokemon to DEFEND
Number keys 1,2,3,4,5,6 Allow you To control one of your pokemon. the number key will correspond to the pokemon position in the party.
  • What do controling do? using the right mouse click you can guide a pokemon to a specific spot direction etc. which also for easier protection etc.
  • (Quick tips) How To Recognize a shiny? the shiny variant will have a different color and Sparkles around it. you can't miss them for sure!
  • happyness was added. pokemons who's require happyness to evolve should be working properly. get their happyness to the 220 (Not too sure about that one..) and level them up. it should work.
  • you CANT sell starters you haven't caught/bought.
  • For now It's all I got. I will add to the guide everytimes i can And everytimes there's new updates. Stay Tuned!
  • for more informations on things like ''Why did i lose gold?'' ''Where my pokemons?'' And a few other stuff check the following link ( Info )

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