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Nov 7, 2020
Hoi All ,
I'll be doing a giga giveaway and this one will see its end unlinke the last one :p

This giveaway includes around,
1) lvl 1 mons (40)

2) lvl 5 mons (150)

3) lvl 50 ev trained op mons (60)

4) lvl 100 op mons (55)

5) 15 mil +20 mil dues from others +65 mil worth candies + 2 rerolls

6)100 shinies (lb says 91 but dw will gain the rest till this ends)

7)mew2nite y stone ,9 venusaurite 9 scizorite

8)other very gud unlisted mons

Note :-The above include sh Aegi, Arceus, Regigigas, Regice, Heatran, Kartana, ttar ,2 gibles ,goodra , 2 deinos ,5 dragonites, Mega char x, Mega char y and wotnot.
-Just one winner gets this all
-To win all you have to do is find me (Clint4747 account) 1684825557693.png
search area is the NORTH - WEST ( -ve,-ve) including caves
-If you find me, then screenshot and post here ,first to do so wins

_There's been a delay due to irl issues ig we'll do it on halloweens or something

_The hunt will commence on Halloween , till then you can prepare by getting whatever town in your range you can_

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