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Sep 13, 2019
Welcome to round one of Guild Bandy Tournament

Team Restrictions:
1) Each guild may enter up to, but not exceeding, 3 teams.
2) Each team must consist of 3 members (2 alternates preferred but optional).
3) Players must only be a member of 1 team.

Poke Restrictions:
1) You are only allowed to bring Pokémon you can find out in the wild (in current map) or must have been obtained from completing a quest that is available in current map. However, slaking is banned
2) Each players team must have 6 Pokemon (max level 50)
3) The team of 6 pokemon may comprise of a maximum of 1 mega or legendary
4) There must be no duplicate Pokémon across the set team of 3 members. This means no two pokemon from the 18 chosen by the 3 members together, can be same. (You can have a Charmander, Charizard, Char X, Char Y but there must not be 2 of any of those like 2 Charmanders or 2 Charizards or 2 Char X or 2 Char Y across the set of 18 pokemon per team)

Move Restrictions:
1) There aren't any restrictions on the moves. All the moves are allowed

Battle Format:
1) It will be a team battle with 9 pokes per side being used
2) In the first 6, each player must use a minimum of two from their registered ones. The last 3 pokes of the 9 can belong to any of the member

1) The team which gets points will progress
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