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Feb 27, 2019
Couple of features/items/ideas that could be added that i decided to list :D

-Soothe bell:
Friendship evolutions are kinda of a pain to evolve, soothe bell will help a lot.Should be a lootball item
-EV Vitamins: 1st evolution pokemons only being in the wild makes It harder to EV train as they usually give one Ev points unlike their evolution lines. Should be a Quest item reward ands gives a set amount and/or a premium item.
-A Item to evolve Eevee into Sylveon:Some type of ribbon to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, many other types of pokemon online RPGs/MMOs has this.
Kings Rock: To be able to evolve Slowpoke/Poliwhirl into Slowking/Politoad
-Deep SeaTooth: To be able to evolve Clamperl into Huntail
-Battle Items: Couple of more battle Items besides big root i think should be added that i don't wont be so problematic to add:
-Life orb
-Type specific items that boost damage for each type such as Black Belt,Dragon Fang,Silk Scarf, Etc.
-Type Gems like Normal Gem/Bug Gem
-Expert belt
-Focus Sash
-Light Ball
-Creation trio’s Orbs (Lustrous Orb ,Griseous Orb, Adamant Orb. Griseous Orb doesn’t have to change Giratina’s form if thats pushing it just boost its Ghost/Dragon moves)
-Muscle band
-Soul Dew
-Thick club
-Wide Lens
-Wise Glasses
-Lucky Egg/Amulet Coin- Idk about Amulet Coin as i feel like It could be abused by ppl, But a way to make Amulet Coin to only work with one pkm only? but Lucky egg could be a nice lesser down item for ppl that cant get exp share but feel like it would be too strong with ppl thats has exp share so idk about these two
-Happiness/EV lowering and Recovery Berries: Another good way to increase happiness with berries and they Also lower EVs which can also help ppl to lower their pokes EVs and Recovery Berries which can be a healing item pokes they can hold and eat.

-Fix for Chargabug/Nosepass/Magneton evolution: In sword and Shield, they change electric rock’s pokemons’s evolution requirements to be able to evolve into vikavolt with Thunderstone
-Some type of dojo to evolve the pokemons that are “Learn this move to evolve” pokemon like Aipom and Yanma: Another type of evolution type thats not available so a solution could be a dojo and talk to the dojo master and he’ll evolve those pokemons if they have the move required, alternatively they can also just be able to evolve at which level that they learn the move thats needed to evolve.. Ex. Yanma should evolve at lvl 33 as thats when he learn ancient power which is the move to evolve it into Yanmega
Evolution fix for Galarian farfetch’d: Ill assume Sirfetch’d will be box/spawn only based on its evolution requirements, so just make galarian Farfetch’d evolve by holding a leek and lvl up To a certain level
-Evolution fix For Galarian Yamask: To be honest, idk how to fix Galarian Yamask’s evolution to make it similiar to its ludicrous evolution requirement but we need it too
Random Rare Pokémon Swarms: In Black and White, There would be occasionally be be swarms of rare Pokemons, Maybe we could implement some type of swarm of rare pokemons and Server can tell us a Swarm of example; Gibles can be found in a certain tile for a limited time should be rare of course i believe it was once weekly in Black and White
Isle of Armor Celebration:Isle of Armor DLC for Sword and Shield is coming out and maybe we can do some type of event for ppl to get Kubfu(2 Kubfus at least if possible its able to evolve into both forms of Urshifu, but 1 if not possible)And Trainers have to find and climb a tower of trainers and it gets harder and harder and they to do in 1 run , no leaving and coming back to heal,and give them a set amount of healing items(Maybe last opponent has lvl 100 pokemon?) A Fun Challenge but can be tweaked to have players that havent played long to have a chance win one.
-Legendary/Shiny Researcher: From a idea that someone here on the forums made. A legendary Researcher should make a return and be hidden in certain tiles and they spawn a pokemon according to the type of tile they are at(Ex. Fire/Ground/Rock/Electric legendaries if they were found at a Lava tile) for a expensive price of course and then they disappear after being used(Shinies can work with this too :D
-Egg Move Tutor:Since breeding in Rise is unavailable, We should have a Egg Move tutor That could be possibly be found in a random town that can teach your pokemons egg move for a price as i feel some pokemon are underwhelming because they cant use their egg moves
-Give Shedinja Wonder Guard: Lets Face it, Shedinja sucks without Wonder Guard, Feel like he should be the first to get his ability and now with type advantage and disadvantages shedinja’s ability can be implemented for him to be usable
-Updated Tms in Shop: Many fairy types cant use their stab because they dont learn a fairy type move thats good with level up such as togekiss, Tms Should be Updated to Sword and Shield TMs as they have the biggest variety from TRs
-Nerf most 130> base power moves until properly fixed: Most 130 base power moves or greater like Giga Impact,Focus Punch and Sky Attack are too good without their drawback so most people would just gurrantee put those moves into Their pokemon, They should be nerfed via Accuracy drop to 70 like Thunder/Hurricane so people wont just go abuse those overpowered moves without drawbacks.
Fix Gen 7 boxes.....again:Lots of people who buy gen 7 still be getting Silvally and Type:Null more frequent then they should be and on top of that other legendaries and UBs people seem to get from gen 7 boxes such as Nihilego(Someone got 6 😐),Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele.
Disable/Enable option for Exp. Share: Disabling or enabling Exp. share could be helpful for premium players thats are just trying to level up their pokes to level 50 or EV train for tourneys as Premium +Exp bonus works too well for exp and might end up over level The Pokémon or not be able to finish EV without them going over level.

I try to Pick Ideas that I feel isnt to hard to implement to Rise as to say others like adding all abilities, would be nice if any of these would get added, Thank You :3
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Feb 28, 2020
If the electric rock includes charjabug then I'm all for these suggestions. Don't know about nerfing the 150 power moves maybe just add the ''recharge'' function so that when A 150 power move is selected it takes 2 red bar charge ups to be used.


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Jun 21, 2020
we should have repel too. To make it balance, we can't kill wild pokes near us, and wild poke can't kill us too
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