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what tourny should be conducted

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May 16, 2018
  • Rules:
  • Pokes greater than 80 iv are not allowed(it can be 80 ^^ ... ex: it can be 80.9 but not 81).
  • You can use any gen and type pokemon which are found in the wild or through quests.
  • They have to be level 50 (Under or above lev 50 not allowed)
  • No legendary, Pseudo legendary, Ultra Beast, Mythical Pokemon (Slaking T_T and Rhyperior are banned)
  • No held items allowed, items using in between match not allowed
  • Team Last Phoenix 2 members gets to use a single revive in any one of their battles
    • No Mega evolutions.
    • Draining moves like drain punch and Giga drain allowed.
    • 140 power and above power moves banned (Aoe moves allowed).
    • No duplicate pokemon ( Alolan forms don't count as duplicate pokemon, the same goes for Eevee evolutions).
    • Please swipe, Fake out, Willo wisp, Nuzzle, Discharge, Toxic, and Body Slam banned.

      Prizes: 1) Shiny Mismagius or sh Torkoal + 1m
      2) Shiny Zebstrika
      3) 500k
      Every participant get 10k each(Of course they should appear for battle)

      Note* Prizes will vary(may increase) depending on the number of participants
  • Time:
  • The tournament starts on 20th May.
Registration link:
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