Mike Theory(100% Clickbait)

Dec 7, 2019
Huh, so you decided to read this even though I said 100% clickbait.
Well, I'll start off by saying this isn't just any theory, lads. This is truly the DTYHEH(Dumbest Thing You Have Ever Heard.) So definitely worth your time(not).
The Mike you know is a beautiful zombie with a pidgey on his head. Well, say that's merely a disguise. Now, if you can recall, there is a person in pokemon anime that seems to be good at spotting out disguises, yes I'm talking about Brock.
Wait, hold on, don't click away just yet, I'm not done. Think I'm crazy, but also think, who was the chef from gen 1 to gen 4? Brock. What pokemon does Mike seem to favor for lvl 100 matches? Steelix. Brock does indeed have a Steelix. Now, you know the truth that Mike has been hiding. You know why Mike does not know anything past gen 4.
You all know that Mike has a preference for gen 2, and Brock doesn't. Well, you're wrong, Brock does like Johto, it's just that he never admitted it. You see, any trainer would prefer gen 2, it's just that you've never experienced pokemon in real life. First impression plays a huge role here, people. If you see a purple rat, a bunny-eared ferret, an evil hound that chases around fat professors, and an ugly beaver that munched on gold, you would probably go with the ferret.
Now my objectives are achieved, you know the truth about Mike, and I wasted 5 minutes of your life. Cya peeps, now you know who to ask when you want to breed pokemon. As Mike would say, toodles.
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