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Nov 19, 2018
Lots of moves have additional effects, as well as their regular damage, but many don't apply in Rise.

Moves that inflict status conditions do so in Rise- Thunderbolt has a chance to paralyse, Poison moves poison, flinching moves flinch. But there's many other effects that don't work in Rise. Lacking some of these effects is detrimental to some moves, beneficial to others. How feasible it would be to have them implemented I can't say, but there's a few classes that spring to mind:

Ignore Accuracy Check: Swift, Feint Attack, Hyperspace Hole - These moves have no official accuracy value, they're listed in reference sites as having "--" or null value. When trainer poke use these moves, the game seems to assume a value of 0 for this null value, meaning instead of always hitting, they always miss. Wild Pokemon will still hit with these moves, and strangely, trainer poke can, rarely, hit themselves with them, if confused.

Health Drain: Absorb, Leech Life - Pretty self-explanatory. In the official games they heal the user when damage is dealt, but not in Rise. Similarly;
Recoil: Take Down, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz etc - Hurting the user as well as the target.

Recharge Turn: Hyper Beam, Blast Burn, Rock Wrecker - In Rise these can be used indefinitely, rather than on alternate turns as intended as a balance to their high power.

Limited Usage: Last Resort, Fake Out - Lack of restrictions on when such moves can be used mean they can be easily abused. Fake Out is a particular example of this - with a 100% chance to flinch, it can be used indefinitely, stun-locking the target. Last resort's high power and perfect 100 accuracy is balanced by an inability to use it right off the bat, but for Normal-types in Rise it's exceptionally powerful.

Self-Damage-Limitation: Focus Punch, Eruption, Water Spout - These moves have the highest base power of any regular move as well as perfect accuracy, balanced by their secondary effects (Focus Punch's interruptability, the other two reducing in power along with the user's HP); lacking these effects allows Pokemon that get STAB boost from them to deal inordinate amounts of damage.

Area-of-Effect bugged moves: Outrage, Thrash, Petal Dance, Uproar - In official games, these moves technically target the user, then last a number of turns while striking a random eligible foe. In Rise, they create an AoE radius and strike a random target- possibly a foe, possibly an ally, possibly the user. Physical Attack-based Dragons were hit particularly hard by this issue, the next most powerful 100 accuracy physical dragon move (Dragon Claw) having only two thirds the power of Outrage; Dragon Tail has good power but low accuracy.

No Fixed Power: Sonic Boom, Punishment, Gyro Ball - Lack of fixed power seems to default these damaging moves to 0 or 1 power, meaning they can only deal 1 damage (possibly 2 if the user gets STAB from that move).

Most Common Request: False Swipe - Because while there are plenty of ways to lower a Pokemon's health for easier catching, False Swipe is designed for this specific purpose.

Did I forget any? I probably did. But some of these are certainly a good place to start ^_^


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May 12, 2018
Roost - My hawlucha always misses his roost instead of healing himself. I don't understand how you miss a move that is used on the user.
The reason it was missed is probably due to me having other things to do other than work on this game... You know, I do have a life.
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