Closed Pokemon Knights Mega Practice Championship

What will be the date of the Championship?

  • 10th-15th March, 2021

  • 20th-25th March, 2021

  • 25th-30th March, 2021

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Jan 13, 2021
As many of you wanted a prize in this Championship, so here it is:
1st Prize: Amaura (BLUE IV)
2nd Prize: Noibat (WHITE IV)
3rd Prize: Thunder stone

Hope you all like the prize distribution.

Rules for this Championship:
Every Pokemon of Lvl.10 (only) can join this Championship.
• 6 pokemons are allowed in a team. It cannot be changed during Battle Days
• Participants should be active during the Battle Days.
• No one should use any abusive language.
• No legendries, pseudo-legendries, mythical pokes, eevee evolutions and mega evolutions are allowed.
• No atttacks with power more than 120 are allowed.
• False swipe, sky attack ,drain moves (Giga drain, mega drain, drain punch etc.) and last resort are banned in this Championship.

Please vote your favorable date for the Championship to start in the above poll.

So the trainers who wants participate in this Championship can comment the names here or can pm me in the game when I am online.
(Winners can wish to join my guild)

• Zen69
• Yuvetal2
• Beast229081
• litkitten56
• Rayan8143
• blakeisapotter
• pokemonbcatcher
• Ash59daag
• RedPs
• syke911
• sykolk12
• MikeXXX
• anurag2009
• recperoburst

The Championship is Cancelled due to some problem....sorry for the inconvenience
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