Pokemon Moves Suggestions


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Jan 1, 2020
Here is a list for suggesting new features revolving around Pokemon moves:

1.I have noticed Pokemon that can't learn Pre Evolution moves. Example Frillish learning Hydro Pump at lvl 49(Gen 7 Moveset) but as a Jellicent learns at lvl 53 (Gen 7 Moveset). I would like to see Pre Evolutions moves being added to the move tutor to avoid such problems.

2. I notice how Eruption, Water Sprout, and many more Area of Effect moves don't work in the battle hall. I would like to see that fixed at least.

3.I don't see a way of Breedng being added but there are the Eggs moves which Pokemon learn. I would like to see that also being implemented in a way to access such moves.



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May 14, 2020
From Dimension Necrozma
well not just the move tutor maybe there can be like 2 move tutors 1 in the lad ofc and the other in a particular town in a specific house etc. ye egg moves does come in handy like charizard can learn dig and its much better in this game cause dig doesn't need a turn to hit so charizard can well atleast handle some pure rock type pokemon
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