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  • A1RA and A2RA

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Jan 6, 2021
Pallet Town
I suggest don't change name of first guild and keep it Team AURA [tag:Aura]
Name 2nd guild something else but related like Team SOUL[tag:Soul] or Team HERO[tag:Hero] or Team MOON[tag:Moon] etc.
Apr 3, 2021
First inguild tourney for aura1
level 50 6v6 battle with tourney rules
Any pokemon is allowed,you can use any gen and type pokemon. you have to follow the two rules in red
-They have to be lvl 50 (under lvl 50 allowed)
- No legendary, Pseudo legendary, Ultra Beast,Mythical Pokemon (Slaking and Rhyperior are banned)
- Only Team AURA members can participate on this mini tourney
- No held items allowed, items using in metween match not allowed

- No Mega evolutions
- draining moves like drain punch and giga drain allowed
-140 power and above power moves banned (Aoe moves allowed)
- No duplicate pokemon ( Alolan forms dont counts as duplicate pokemon,same goes for evee evolutions)
- Flase swipe,Fake out,Willo wisp, Nuzzle,Discharge,Toxic and Body Slam banned
Swaping of pokemon alowed only after deafeating the opponent poke , no changeing in middle
priselist are as folowed
common staters like tepig torchic , & cyndaquil+70k to first ,second and third place rank holders
dates: 19july 2021 at 12pm isd at 14,-8 battle hall
I would like to request to @vedant121208 & @HAXER to post there inguild tourney thread
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Apr 3, 2021
may be put it 3rd not 1st XD
this is not the 3rd aura tourney lol this is only for aura 1 members which gonna conduct by me every month . the first subguild tourney.
In the third aura touney both auras can participate but this is only for aura 1 as i mentioned .Unless both guild aura 1 and aura 2 have 1.5m we cant proceeds for the third aura tourney.
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