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Oct 11, 2018
Hello and welcome, I,m kageyoshi and this the tournament i want to talk about today, this tournament is called the collector tournament for a reason, and that reason is:There's will be Rare Items And/or Pokemons to grab off, if you win of course. this tournament will not happen so soon, but i've decided to talk about it already so that everyone can register in advance and have a chance to join, there is of course restriction which we'Il talk about below.
- No legendaries.
- No Broken Moves such as fake out thunder wave nuzzle false swipe rock wrecker blast burn frenzy plants and hydro cannon
- No Moves That Has 120 base Power Or Higner.
-No Slaking
- No Rhyperior.
- you're limited to only one pseudo per team.
Yes, There's a few requirements, The reasons to those requirements are:This tournament will not be hosted right away, but was advertised in advance as this tournament take a LOT of preperations, in fact, there's a LOT'S of prizes too. so read the requireemnts below.
- all pokemons must be lvl 50 to 55, not higner not lower.
- I will charge a small entry fee, becaue this tournament again is very huge, the entry fee will be 1000 pokedollars.
- the entrance fee will be charged on the very same day as the tournament one, so that i can refund people if something happen.
- 6 pokemons Of lvl 50 to 55 (Max 55) are prefered (must respect the restriction)
- you must register yourself and your team on this post, i reccomend you sending me a screenshot of your team while registering.
- no double, basically you cant have two pokemons of the exact same specie (sorry bois but there wont be any dragonite duos :p)
Player:JustMonika Is banned from this tournament.
there's in total, 10 prizes planified, althought we currently only obtained two, look often because we're gonna add prizes whenever we have them.
1st place prize:lvl 100 shiny+the ability to choose one pokemon out of three presented to him/her as well as a blastoisinite.
2nd place prizefennekin+hidden shiny
3rd place prize:torterra+torchic
4th place prize:hypno+Charmender(for the sake of it)
5th place prize:Blissey+porygon
6th place prize:High IV% meowth+a mankey
7th place prize:torchic
note: prizes might change

- there will be 3 rounds so that we can deliver all the prizes, note:not all bonus/normal rounds involve fighthing.
- i insist on you posting screenshot of your team while registering. or PM me the screenshot of your team if you prefer
- please be respectful to each players participating, we don't want a mess.
- no mega evolutions, again we don't want a mess.
- we do not allow ultra-beasts
- pseudos and demis are allowed, as long as you respect the restriction.
- monotype team:dragon is banned, (you cant have more than one dragon)
so this tournament offer 10 total prizes for the players to grab, as well as TEN places for prizes, this tournament is one, if not the most unique.
, until then train well and have fun!
note: come check this post often as any updates for the tournament including prizes and host date will be posted here.
Set Date:
5th of october the tournament will be hosted, as soon as i log in which is about 6:30 AM canadian timezone.
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Oct 11, 2018
very well don't forget to post a screenshot of your team here Or PM me the said screenshot once it's ready.
Dec 7, 2019
You sure about this Kage? You have already lost a lot of things in the last tournament. I would'nt be able to handle it if I won and took basically all you have left in the game.
Oct 11, 2018
i'm not working alone, so don't worry about this, i have a team working with me to help with the prizes and such, everything is fine ^^
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